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Status Update: March 16, 2014

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Zach Munro-Cape

This week:

– created test files to test the git_repository.rb progress
-implemented some time-based functions for fetching commits for the git branch
Before successfully running `rake test git_repository_test.rb` will be successful, minimum functionality is required for the git_repository.rb file. This is less than ideal given I was hoping to follow test driven development for this project.
Next week:
-determine what the close() repository function is for and map it over to git
– hopefully get the git_repository functionality to a level where the unit tests can be run
Shenglong Gao
Still working on last week’s stuff!
Cornell team

Next week:

Continue on help system implementation. We will have a couple sample pages by next week for people to look at a critique the system.

Current Week:


– Worked on issue #1032 with the team (Chris and Alex), and submitted a Pull Request for the fix we came up with. The request is pending review.

– Worked on issue #1219 with the team. Pull request was created and merged

– Started working on the help system

– Starting worked on issue #1378.


– none


– Worked on issue #1219, where the sections were not ordered correctly under Assignments > Edit. Now the sections are ordered by due date and if due date is assigned the sections will be sorted by the title.

– Worked on #1032 and reviewing a fix for issue #1378

– We also started working on the help system


– none


– Worked on issue #1032 and submitted a pull request..

– Worked on issue #1219 and submitted a pull request.

– Worked on issue #1378, where the sorting (by last name, first name, etc.) on Mark Spreadsheet Grade pages doesn’t work.

– Started working on the help system.


– none

David Das and Gillian Chesnais

This week:

-Fixed problem that prevented us from running tests

-Added functional tests to our fix for #1376

-Worked on #1375 and figured out where the error is, but not how to fix it yet


-Figuring out functional testing syntax for Rails

-Figuring out the exact fix for #1375

-Ton of work from other classes

Next week:

-Going to fix #1375

-Do regression tests on rc1

-Fix more bugs than usual to make up for lack of bug fixing last week

Jeremy Winter

This week: Fixed problem that was occurring with git pull upstream master.

Roadblocks: The solutions I found never ended up working and I had to reinstall my virtual machine. I was able to get the more recent bundler version doing this, and now everything works.

Next week: Submit pull request for #1310, Submit pull request for wiki set up page, and work with Andrew and Sheng more on implementing a tagging system.


Tiago Silva

This week: working on issue #1324

Roadblocks: Autocomplete plugin does not work as it should on markus, I still confused if it is really working.

Next week: solving some bugs and commit fix to #1324


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