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Status Update: March 10th, 2014

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Rafael Padilha

This week I was travelling, as I’ve told Karen, so I haven’t worked a lot. I’m going to finish the Portuguese translation and get one of the issues I’d worked at the Facebook weekend ready to be merged to the repository.

Zach Munro-Cape

This Week

– Resolved issue
– successfully ran the git branch and created setup instructions
– Contributed to wiki instructions for rvm
 – messed up my ruby installation. took an evening to resolve.
Next Week
– continue work on mapping subversion repo file into rugged git-repo file
Andrew Hernandez
This week:

  • Worked on issue with duplicate annotations
  • Worked on reproducing a bug I noticed
  • Really busy week since a lot of deadlines are incoming in all my courses
Next Week:
  • Decide which project I will work on with Shenglong and Jeremy
  • Continue work on issue
  • Send in bug report if I can reproduce the bug

Jeremy Winter

This week: Finished issue #1310, continued doing rails tutorials online as well as reading a rails book.
Roadblocks: When I used git pull upstream master to make sure my code could easily be merged, the version of markus wouldn’t run. Looking into a solution for this.
Next week: Continue working on issues I find, as well as consult with Andrew about writing code for being able to tag assignments.
Shenglong Gao
This week: Finalized project with Western team
Roadblocks: Been extremely busy with startup
Next Week: Finish issue, start working on project

Cornell Team

Next week:


We will try to finish issue #1032 but this issue is much trickier than it seems at the first glance. We will start working on the help system.

Current Week:




– Created an issue (#1380) identified while on the User’s tab

– Fixed the issue and created a pull request (#1384) that was merged successfully

– With Tiago’s assistance, installed MarkUs on a Linux machine running Ruby 2.0 in order to validate changes he made. I will assist him at a later time in updating the Installation Steps

– Reviewed issue #1032 with the team (Chris and Alex), and identified the cause of the error not being displayed. We came up with a temporary workaround. We will work on a permanent fix.


-Roadblocks: None


– Helped work on issue #1032 with Ope and Chris.

– Started looking into issue #1301 and was finding possible other errors related to it.



-Was having trouble replicating the exact situation of issue #1301




– Mostly work on issue #1032. We manage to find out the cause of the problem and found some other bugs while fixing this issue. Now we are able to show the error message but not in the right way. One of the problem is because they call a method that has been deprecated and we finally figure that out.

– Start looking into issue #1301



– There is a method call that doesn’t exist anywhere. After working on it, we finally figure out that the method has been deprecated but still being called.


This Week:
– I worked on issue #1367,#1373 and on the portuguese translation of MarkUs.

Roadblocks: None

Next Week: Continue to make markus work with ruby 2.0

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March 10th, 2014 at 8:15 pm

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