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Help System Proposal

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Help System:

The MarkUs help system is a way for helping users understand the functionality of MarkUs. The help system will contain embedded documentation in the website. The help system will use both hovering function over text and also will have tool tips throughout  the website. The tooltips will be a little picture of a question mark next to certain text or tabs or input boxes. When the user either clicks or hovers over the tool tip a box will appear telling the user the functionality of the specific element. We are also considering giving the user the ability to turn on and off the help system. This could be useful if a user is comfortable with MarkUs and does not need to see the extra dialogue.

We would like to make it so the help system can easily be changed when a change to the system is made. For this we feel it would be best to separate the actual text that will go into the embedded documentation from the pages themselves. We will store the text in a file and reference the sections that way. This implementation would be done much like the multiple language feature that exists. This will make it much easier for future developers to edit the tool tips if functionality changes or even add new tool tips by following the same design.

Here are some websites that we would like to base our system off of.

The following is a list of where we believe the help system could be useful.

Admin View:

When an admin first logs in they should be able to hover of the tabs for a short description of what is under each tab for example the assignments tab could display “Review and Create Assignments”.

Within the tabs there are many sections and elements that could have documentation to help the user. Here is a list of some places where extra documentation can help.

Under the Assignments tab:

– On choose assignment page:

    > Upload and download button on the top right: display message on hover.

    > Add Assignment and Add Marks Spreadsheet: display message on hover.

– On Add Assignment page:

    > We will put a small icon (for example: ‘i’ icon) on the right side of each textbox that will

       display the message when the user click on it.

    > Some of the sections (Marking scheme, required files, etc.) will have the small icon on

  the section’s title that will display the properties of each selection.

– On Assignments > Settings > Marking Scheme:

    > We will add more stuff into the “Help” text box

– On Assignments > Settings >  Annotation:

    > We will add more stuff into the “Help” text box

– On Assignments > Settings > Text Framework

    > We will put a small icon on the right side of each section that will display the message

       when the user click on it

– On Assignments > Groups and on Assignments > Graders

    > The message will be displayed when the user hover onto the title of each tabs (for

       example: All groups, Valid, Not Valid tab)

– On Assignments > Submissions

    > The message will be displayed when the user hover on the button or the “title” (for

       example: collect all submissions, csv report, etc.)

Under the Users tab:

– On Users > Students:

    > We will have a small icon next to the title (Manage Students). The message will be

  displayed when the user clicks on it. This message will explain the actions (Bulk

  action, Give grace credits, Add Section, Mark active and Mark inactive)

– On Users > Students > Edit Students:

    > We will have a small icon next to “Grace Period Deduction”. The message will be

       displayed when the user clicks on it.

Students view:

Under Assignments tab:

After Clicking on an assignment you will see submission, assignment rules, and group information. In each of these sections we will have a small help icon that will explain details about what the student is looking at.

Under the Submissions tab:

We will have a help icon with a detailed description on how to submit your work. One option is a short step by step process that could walk a student through the submission.

Under the Results tab:

A help icon with details about what results the user is looking at

Graders View:

Under the Home tab:

– On Home page:

    > We will have a small icon next to “Your API Key”. The message will be displayed when

       the user clicks on it.

Written by Christopher Jonathan

February 28th, 2014 at 1:31 pm

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2 Responses to 'Help System Proposal'

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  1. Seems like a great idea. I’m unsure of what the impact of some of the pages with a number of help buttons – Add Assignments, Users > Students, Student’s assignment view – but would having one help button that could .hide/.show all the help buttons be reasonable?

    Seems comprehensive/step-by-step.

    Zach MC

    6 Mar 14 at 3:03 pm

  2. This looks great!

    1. I don’t think we generally need tooltips for tabs. If the labels aren’t clear then we should change them.

    2. Manage Course Work (choose assignment)
    – This page could use some UI work, but I’m not sure it needs much in the way of help information.

    3. Add Assignment page
    – I like this. I wonder if it would be best to have one button per category, since they each logically go together.

    4. Marking Scheme, Annotation, Sounds good
    Sounds good

    5. Graders
    I’m not a big fan of hovering over tabs (although I could be persuaded). I think this is a page where a help button and some substantial text would help.

    6. Submissions
    The buttons/links here could definitely use description, so I like your proposal.

    7. The rest looks great!

    Karen Reid

    7 Mar 14 at 2:36 pm

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