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Status Update: February 27, 2014

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This Week: I worked on issue #1312

Roadblocks: None

Next Week: Try to make markus work with ruby 2.0


This Week:
– I worked on issue #1220 and on the portuguese translation of MarkUs.

– No big roadblock, although I’m still not that comfortable with RoR and MarkUs.

Next Week:
– I’ll be travelling, but I’ll try to finish what I’m doing with the translation.


This Week:
– Worked on issue #1358
– Reviewed code on a Group page under the Assignment tab that already implemented the search function to get more understanding on the application.
– Learned more about Rails on the overview, Ruby and UI parts.

– Still not comfortable with Rails and it took me quite a bit of time to trace the program.

Next Week:
– Continue working on issue #1358
– Learned more about Rails on the Model part


This Week:
– Started marking up current git branch for readability
– Implemented jQuery filtering which ultimately didn’t work
– Discovered the correct solution, the FilterTable object which is nearing implementation (I think)

– Erroneous understanding of the DOM.

Next Week:
– Commence git work in earnest.


This Week:
I continued work on #1310 and started reading a book on rails to help better understand the project.

I fixed the one big roadblock I was having, which was not knowing how to query for the data that the project uses. For reference, if you’re using postgresql you go into the markus directory in the terminal and type psql postgres -d markus_development -U markus ….and then type in your password.

Next Week:
I’m hoping to have that ticket done by the end of this week, so next week I’ll be looking for new tickets to do, as well as getting together with Andrew and Sheng to work together on our assigned task.

David and Gillian

This week:
– Did testing for grades spreadsheet for both Master and Beta branches and compared functionalities
– Compiled user stories for spreadsheet
– Logged issues found during testing the spreadsheet on the Master branch
– Fixed issue #1376 (being able to upload no file or wrong files)

Next week:
– Fixing more issues with spreadsheet
– Additional testing of Beta and Master branches

Cornell (Alex, Ope, Christopher)


This Week:
– Created a branch on my fork that will be used for maintaining the group’s changes to the help system.
– Reviewed pages under the Assignment tab, and documented pages that already have help pages that can be expanded on and pages that have no help information.
– Reviewed fix for bug (issue #1361, pull request #1371) due to minor issues and merge conflicts. Fixed this, and awaiting merge from Benjamin.

– None


This Week:
– Worked on the design of the help system and created a proposal for the help system.
– Researched forms of help systems that other websites use.

– None


This Week:
– Create a new branch for the helper system.
– Figure out several design of helper system and find the best way to implement the helper system.
– Write a proposal of the helper system on MarkUs blog.

– Find the best way to share a branch between us for the helper system.

Next Week:
As a group at Cornell next week we will start working on the help system that we have proposed. We hope to have feedback on our proposal by next week, so we can change things and add ideas before we start implementation.

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