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Status Update: February 23, 2014

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This Week:
– implemented search in the users view through ruby
– researched gems for git backend / familiarized myself with their basic usage

– None

Upcoming Week:
– install current git branch, complete search through jQuery so page reload isn’t required
– contribute to wiki

David Dias

This Week:
– Familiarizing myself with the Markus beta branch and how it works
– Learning more about Rails + Ruby to understand why errors in the beta are happening

I haven’t done as much as I’d like this week but I think I’ll fix a couple errors by next report.


This Week:
– Submitted pull request for issue #764 again (the previous one did not pass the test).
– Working on issue #1358 – adding search functionality on the user tab.
– Finalize my project topic –  An view of all of an individual student’s work.

– Got some problems on git commands.

Next Week:
– Continue working on issue #1358.


This Week:
– This week I searched the github page for some issue I could work. Tried unsuccessfully to reproduce error from issue #1222, wrote at its page on github but I still got no response. So I worked with issue #1220, and came with a solution that isn’t ideal. I’ll still try to work something out for #1220 this week…

– I believe ruby on rails and, in lower scale, the understanding of how the MarkUs environment should be or behave sometimes are the major roadblocks.

 Next Week:
– Finish working on #1220 and talk to Karen about project idea for the term

Western University (Jeremy, Shenglong, Andrew)

Jeremy Winters

This Week:
– Was on vacation so didn’t have a large amount of time on the project. Time I got was spent working on #1310 and learning how rails is working.

– I traced the code to what table in the database the problem should be coming from, but I’m not quite sure how to query the database. I tried quite a few things but need help with this.


Next Week:
– Should be able to finish that issue once I get some help with the database problem. Shenglong, Andrew and I plan on getting together to discuss our work on the performance enhancements of MarkUs.


Andrew Hernandez

This Week:
– Spoke with Jeremy and Shenglong about which project we will be working on

– I have been out of town for a large part of the week so I have not had much time


Next Week:
– Will have an IRC meeting with Jeremy, Shenglong, and Karen, regarding which project we will work on


Shenglong Gao


This Week:
Sorry, I was travelling and in a week-long competition (we won, yay), so I haven’t been able to get much done this week. We have talked, among the Western group, and collaborated about the nature of what we’d like to do for the project, though.


Cornell (Alex, Ope, Christopher)




This Week:
– Started looking into parts of system that could benefit from the help system, and possible implementations
– Fixed a bug (issue #1361). Created a pull request for the issue.Roadblocks: NoneAlex:This Week:
– Pushed a fix for issue #1342 where the groups were not rendering correctly in the assignment tab, which was worked out between Chris, Ope and I.Roadblocks:
-Trying to figure out to create a branch for the help system so everyone can see it.Christopher:This Week:
– Find a bug (issue#1360)
– Fix the bug (issue#1360)
– Started looking the way to develop the help system with Alex and Ope.

– local git hub issues, which I was able to resolve with Alex and Ope

Next Week:
As a group at Cornell next week we will start creating the wiki page with our proposal for the Help system. We will also work on the continued issues that we have been looking at.



This Week:
– I looked for some bugs to work on, and decided to work on ruby 2.0 problems.

Roadblock: None

Next Week:
– Talk to Karen about project idea for the term


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