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Status Update: February 13 2014

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This week:
– Unified filenames for CSV files along with some UI changes to download.

Associated Pull Requests: #1354, #1345

– Began working with Kitiya on issue #1358. Implementing search functionality in the User view.

– Nothing major with MarkUs.

Next week:
– Continued work on #1358.
– Look into git backend and what issues previously had. This could potentially be my project for the term.


This week:
– I’m currently working on issue #1310, and gaining an a better understanding of how everything works in Markus and rails.

– Haven’t had any major roadblocks yet.

Next week:
– Finish up that issue I’m working on, and get together with Andrew and Sheng about what we want to work on.


This week:
– Worked on installing the MarkUs application on my computer. Successfully completed installation.
– Reviewed parts of application code (critical controllers and views) to better understand the application flow
– Reviewed some existing issues on GitHub to understand work that may be needed
– Tested out the application interface to become more familiar with navigating through the system

– Minimal time to catch up on project due to late start.


This Week:
– I worked on issue #1342 for creating groups in assignments.Was able to fix the issue by changing code in the group controller.

– I am not sure if the change to the issue will mess other parts of the grouping functionality. We need to do some other testing to determine if this is actually a fix.


This week:
– Helped Ope on installing MarkUs application.
– Try to understand how MarkUs works by logging in as Administrator, Student and Grader.
– Looking on how the code works while navigating through the MarkUs Application
– Find a bug and put it on GitHub (issue #1342)

– Learning Ruby and how Rails work.

(Collectively at Cornell, Alex, Ope, and Christopher)

Next week:
As a group here at Cornell we plan on implementing the help system. Our first task is to better understand the functionality of MarkUs and where useful help tools could be implemented. By the end of next week we plan on creating a proposal of places that could use the help system and also develop some UI designs that we could use for the help system. We also will be working on issues that still exist.


This week:
– Submitted pull request for issue #764 – using correct HTTP status code for expired sessions.
– Working on issue #1358 – adding search functionality on the user tab.
– Familiarizing myself with MarkUs and Rails.

– Having not fully understood Rails is the biggest roadblock for me right now.

Next week:
– Continue working on issue #1358.
– Finalize the project I will be working on toward the term.

Gillian Chesnais
David Das

This week:
– #1337 (where releasing grades for all students in a spreadsheet of more than one page of students would fail)
– #1338 (where a TA with no student trying to view a spreadsheet would raise an error).

#1337 was failing because there was a function call (call() on line 221 after the fix) without any arguments. It needed arguments describing how results from a database query should be sorted and a variable pointing to the current user, which we provided.

Issue 1337

The first two arguments above indicate how it should be sorted, and we set these to be empty strings because we figured that since all users were being selected in this case, the order would not matter.

As this was our first bug fix and we did not know Ruby at all, we spent a significant amount of time pinpointing this error and understanding why it was failing, and how it related to the output. We also needed to learn how G_TABLE_PARAMS used procs and lambdas to fix this bug.
For issue #1338, we figured out that the function alpha_paginate() was meant to return ‘[]’ when there were no students assigned to a TA, and it attempted this by checking if total_pages was 0. However, in this case total_pages is actually 1. We added another condition that all_grade_entry_students was 0 instead, which seems to have fixed this bug. You can see this fixed below:

Issue 1338

In the future, we will start to focus on patching and fixing the Markus beta.


This week:
– Working on ticket #1348 to disallow identical annotations on the same line of an assignment.
– Submit detailed bug report about an issue with annotation.
– Familiarizing myself with Markus functionality and code.

– Catching up on schoolwork hasn’t allowed me to put as much time as I’d like in fixing the ticket.

Next week:
– Finish ticket #1348
– Speak with Jeremy and Sheng about which project we will be taking on.


This week:
– Submitted pull request for installation instructions on linux
– Working on issue #1347
– Learning MarkUs and Rails

– Not understanding Rails and the codebase is my major stumbling stone
– I’ve also been abroad the this entire entire week

Next week:
– Continue working on issue #1347
– Finalize the project I will be working on toward the Western team


This week:
– Started the Portuguese translation.
– Issue #1333
– Issue #1312

– None

Next week:
– Continue on the Portuguese translation of MarkUs.

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