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UCOSP / FOA Winter 2014 Introductions

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I’m finishing up my last year at Western University for Finance & Computer Science. Most of my experience to date has been product and UX related, so I’m hoping to hone some technical skills as well as get a better feel for rails through my work on MarkUs. This seems like a great opportunity to learn about collaborative development, and to build something that can make many lives easier. I love buildings things, so this seemed like a natural fit!



I’m a third year student at the University of Toronto. I became interested in the UCOSP program after my Software Tools and Systems Programming Instructor and current mentor for MarkUs – Karen Reid – talked about her trip to Facebook and experiences students had with the program. I wanted to get involved with MarkUs specifically as I have used MarkUs as a student so it seems really cool to contribute to something I have seen in used in a live classroom setting. Finally, alongside a distributed and local development and support environment, I believe this could foster a challenging and enjoyable project for the semester.


I’m a Master student at the Cornell University. I found this class interesting when I read the description of the class in how we will collaborate with other students from other universities to work on an open source project. I think this will be a very important and useful experience since I think this is how the “real world” application is being developed and built especially when we join to a company that already has its system running. I hope this class will be a great and enjoyable experience for me for this semester.


I’m in my last year at the University of Western Ontario. I was introduced to UCOSP by a friend who took it in first semester, and it sounded like a great opportunity. I’m excited to learn and gain experience that comes from working on an open source project. Also, I’m looking forward to meeting new people that are interested in this type of work. I think this is going to be a great class for giving us skills and tools that we can apply to the workforce when we’re done school. I’m happy that I got accepted to work on Markus, as it was one of my top choices, and I can’t wait to start contributing.


I’m a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science student at Cornell University. I did my undergraduate degree at Hobart College, where I received a BS in Computer Science. I became interested in taking a class where we work on an open source project because I use open source software everyday. I am very excited to work with everyone involved in the MarkUs project. I can’t wait to start contributing to the ongoing process, while learning about Ruby on Rails and also learning about the development of an open source piece of software along the way.


I’m in my last year of computer engineering at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil, also, from 2011 up to 2013, I did the last two years of the French engineering diploma in Télécom Paristech in France. When I saw the description of UCOSP, I thought: “This is going to be awesome!” Working on an open-source project with people all around the world will give us an incomparable experience, improve our skills and teach us a lot! I hope we can contribute a lot with MarkUS this semester.


photo (2)1I am a fourth year software engineering student at the University of New Brunswick. I know the UCOSP from my professor and a friend of mine who joined the program last year. I think it would be awesome experience to work with new people all across the world. This will be a good start to contribute my knowledge to an open source project. I am also looking forward to learn more about developing website through Ruby on Rails.

Other than coding, some of my interests include skating, playing badminton and photography.

Andrew Hernandez

My name is Andrew Hernandez and I’m in my fourth and final year at Western University. I heard about UCOSP last year from a friend who participated and he told me it was a great way to get industry experience and learn how to work with others. I’m looking forward to learning more about Rails and MarkUs throughout this term and look forward to meeting all of you at the code sprint.

Rafael Padilha

My name is Rafael Padilha and I study Computer Engineering at State University of Campinas, in Brazil. I saw in the FOA a great opportunity to develop some technical skills, meet new people and work in an open-source project as MarkUs. I am looking forward to learn more about Ruby on Rails and MarkUs during this term.

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January 24th, 2014 at 4:12 pm

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