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Starting Implementation with Gitolite/Rugged

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Note: this post will be updated as the design changes. This is just for other developers who wish to work on the git-backend project.


What works:

– Adding a group will create a git repo in /repos (will change)

– New repo has permissions RW+ granted to admins/graders.



1. Checkout my git-conversion branch (will change)

2. Install and use ruby 1.9.3

3. Ensure that gems: rugged and gitolite are installed.

4. Create a directory in /data/dev/repos called git_auth

5. in irb, do:

require ‘gitolite’



6. Start the server normally.


**These instructions may contain errors, this project is just getting started.




Written by Dylan Runkel

November 10th, 2013 at 7:59 pm

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