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Status Report – Week of Oct. 28

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What I did:
– Looked into how user access is done for the current SVN system. Summarized my (rough) notes and passed onto Bill, Daniyal.
– Set up a Vagrant box to act as my dummy server to host my git repos on, and began playing around with gitolite.
– Now have an understanding of the basic architecture of gitolite, how users are added, and roles managed.
– Distance is a bit hard. This project will require us to have quite a few meetings, I think.
– Rugged (required to talk with the git repos) requires Ruby 1.9.3….but as we know this doesn’t work with existing code. Need to discuss how it’s best to go about testing our implementations.
Next week:
– Do up a quick document to get Bill and Daniyal up to speed with my findings.
– Meet with Bill and Daniyal to discuss putting some of these parts together.
– Write some code! See where/how to integrate gitolite and the permissions scheme into MarkUs. 



 – Got libgit2 and rugged working on Ubuntu.
 – Working on writing a guide for installing libgit2 and rugged for the MarkUs blog.
 – Played around with some rugged methods to better understand how things work.
 – libgit2 will NOT build on OSX 10.6, I tried for far to long to get it to work. However OSX 10.7 and higher are fine.
 – Rugged does not support ruby 1.8.7
Next Week
 – Post guide on installing libgit2 and rugged onto MarkUs Blog.
 – Ideally I’d like to meet with Daniyal and Dylan again to figure out how we’d like to proceed with implementation of git inside MarkUs
 – Begin implementation of git!



Last week:

Created ticket for bug found: link not working for uploading grade entry form grades through csv. – Issue-1224

Fixed Issue-1224 and submitted pull request.
Worked on fixing old tests that broke from issue-1194 updates (still have 3 unit tests and 3 functional tests to fix).
This week:
Add a few tests for new functionality. Finish off this ticket!




– Researched libgit2, rugged and gitolite. Gitolite looks like something we will need for authentication as it allows for easier and more fine-grain control of repositories. It uses a file similar to svn_authz to determine which users have what kind of access to different repositories.
– Worked on issue-54, learnt a bit of JavaScript to format calendar_date_select in new assignment tab. Added a gap between buttons and increased button font size. Submitted a fix for this issue and made a pull request.


– Haven’t been able to start add code for git repositories because I’m having trouble figuring out where to start.

Next Week:

– Meet with Dylan and Bill to figure out how/where to start implementing git.
– Get at least some code started for git implementation, even if it is very barebones.



– Reviewed all the code written for the Summaries tab and did coding cleaning.
– Posted a blog post describing the functionalities of Summaries tab and implementation details as well as issues.
– Had some issue with local Markus after update
Next week:
– Fix the issue with update
– Commit a working set of code
– Write tests for the Summaries tab

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