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How to Succeed in UCOSP Projects

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Success in a UCOSP project, or any open source project can be achieved using some of the following methods I have used myself, and methods I have observed other people using.

– Time Tracking
It is crucial to keep a log of whatever it is that you have been working on and in which direction you want to head in next.

– Constant Communication
Keep up to date with meetings and mailing list emails so you can understand what the rest of your team is doing. This helps in many ways. Also, ask your mentors or any other projects members involved if you ever have any questions regarding your project. They have most likely been involved in the project for quite a while, and can provide you with valuable advice.

– Don’t give up easily
There are times when you may run into problems such as not being able to understand what is going on in the application or not knowing how to write a specific code in a new language. Don’t give up! Ask others in your communication channels for help, and try to understand what is going on.

Life and Career Lessons Learned from UCOSP

I have learned a couple career lessons that I will keep in mind in my future jobs.

– Time Estimates
This was definitely the biggest lesson. Before I started on my term goal, I had done a lot of research into my topic. I had originally estimated that I could complete the goal before the end of the semester, but as I approached the last few weeks I knew that this could not be done. Essentially, make sure the goal you are attempting to achieve is realistic given your time frame, and in case you cannot achieve your goal have some sort of way to integrate the work you have done into the main project so that others in the future can continue on your work.

– Communication is Key
In the case where you are working with a partner on any sort of project, it is very important to have a central place where you can keep track of changes and look at the work that the other person has done. You can use a project management tool, version control, or even just a simple spreadsheet for this.

I also have a bit more written on my personal blog as well.

Written by Marc Bodmer

March 26th, 2013 at 12:55 pm

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