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Punchlines – UCOSP Winter 2013 – Week 3

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Mike Wu

– Submitted a pull request #998(, followed by two additional commits: updating French translations and creating a migration.
– Started looking at #938(

– Learned how to create a migration for changing database schema in #915(

Next week
– Continue working on #938(
– Revise pull #998( as needed.


– Continuing to work on issue 941( Located and switched out all instances of submission.result/submission.remark_result for the appropriate method. Resolved majority of issues that occurred after changing the schema.

– After changing the submission schema, a foreign key is no longer being set for the remark_result_id column in the Submissions table. I sent an email to the developers list to gain some insight. Working on determining the best way to approach this. Results are used in many aspects of the application. I need to thoroughly test the application to ensure all areas that were affected have been updated.

Next week
– Determine a fix to populate the remark_result_id in the database with the new schema. Test application for any errors that may have been overlooked. Write a blog post to follow-up on this post( which was about the original issue and the temporary fix that I am working on replacing.


– Started work on converting Prototype to jQuery. Keeping track of my changes as I go along.

– None so far.

Next week
– Keep working on the changes over to jQuery. Will post a blog post as well as documenting the changes I have done so far so other members on the MarkUs team can follow along.


– Configured Markus to use a public key for the SSH calls.
– Discussed the current state of the test framework with Brian and Mina.
They referred Nick and I to a Google doc
( Read the document to get an idea of what needs to get done.

– Getting tests to mark based on the rubric is difficult and
needs some design work.

Next Week
– Try to fix functional tests for the test framework. There’s currently over 130 failing.


– Setup branch with Marc to begin collaborating on migration.
– Lost the weekend to the MHacks and a test today (tues.)
Next Week
– Continuation of jQuery migration.


– This week was a bit busy for me so I didn’t get to do as much as I
wanted. I mostly just did reading and planning (not much coding).

– Received and read an extremely helpful documentation about the MarkUs Automated Test Engine from last term’s developers:

Thanks a lot guys!

– Removed a stray comma in this one file, and made a pull request. Avery minor typo, but with the comma there the Config UI won’t load at all.

– Decided that I’d work on UI.

– The document might be a bit out of date. There are several “UPDATE”
remarks saying that certain features should be implemented. But those
features are already implemented (which isn’t a bad thing).

My concern is that there are several screenshots in the document, and
I was planning to just follow them when working on the UI. But now I’m
worried those screenshots may be from old design plans.

Next week
– Start working on the Config UI. The bullet points on page 13 look good
to me and I’d like to start implementing some of them.

Mike Stewart

– Going through the Graders tab under assignments to see how much of it can be used for the grade entry form.
– Need to connect with Oussama to create a plan so that we don’t duplicate work.
Next week
– Start setting up graders for the grade entry form.


– working on giving TA’s the ability to enter grades
– reviewing relevant existing code under the grader’s tab

– Had to submit multiple assignments and write a term test this past week

– Attempt to recycle parts of the code as the functionality already exists for a different user role
– Plan possible changes to database schema


– Continued work on issue 19, though now that I’ve realized notifications are occasionally displayed at different levels in the page, I may have to re-think the solution.
– Read up on RESTful API design
– Tested and reviewed the code of the current Markus API
– Started a discussion and analysis of the current API via issue 1012

– I could not get /api/submission_downloads working yet – I keep getting a 422 response despite having what would seem to be a valid request.

– Update the documentation for the existing API
– Discuss with Karen what other new features, aside from gradebook entry, she’s like to see in the API


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