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Meeting Recap – Week 1

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Team is making steady progress. General conclusion was that most of us would be working on Github issues for weeks 1 and 2.¬†Also, it was noted that it would be beneficial if team members started to review other people’s pull requests, so pull requests could be merged faster into master. The wiki pages were noted to be outdated, so if you ever see any outdated wiki pages make notes or edit them. In order to update changes, you will have to clone the wiki repo that exists within MarkUsProject and submit pul requests there.

Daryn will be working on switching over Prototype to jQuery and if time applicable, SVN to GIT.
Oussama will be working on grade entry sheets.


  • Team working on issues for rest of week 1
  • Review other team members pull requests to get changes merged in faster
  • Make notes on outdated wiki pages and update them if possible

Link to IRC Log:

Written by Marc Bodmer

January 23rd, 2013 at 3:08 pm

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