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Punchline – UCOSP Group (Friday Meeting) – 23/11/2012

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– Finished up the sorting on grades form, issue 894. It is waiting for a review.
– Finished up issue 878 about the submit button. Also waiting on review, although Im not too good with Javascript so It will probably need some fixing up

Next steps:
– Work on my presentation for my coordinator, and fix anything that comes from the two reviews

– Its the end of the term so projects are going a little nuts

– Just submitted my pull request for issue of removing the prototype_legacy_helper gem, finally! I’ve also been trying to help debug some issues on github, and I’ll probably try to keep that up.

Next Step:
– Going to write up my blog post, and then take a look at optimizing ajax calls used to load the FilterTables.

– None at the moment.

– I’ve tried to help with issue 904, looks like a PostgreSQL problem. While that’s happening I looked into issue 903, which turned out to be a missing javascript file. It’s included and all is good, pull request done.

Next Step:
– I’m not sure I can handle issue 904, I haven’t done any db stuff yet. Hopefully that issue will be the last of the remark request ones, then I can poke at it a bit more and make sure nothing else weird is happening. Also, blog post…

– It’s that time of year.

Michael Ing
– Finish initial pass on updating documentation. Going to read through the documentation again to see if I missed anything
– Looking into issue 904 to try and give Joel some help.

Next Step:
– Going to read through the documentation again to see if I missed anything
– Fix failing testcases

– Another week of little sleep to finish all assignments

– Posted on the blog
– Created a pull request for the user preferences, issue 689
– Started looking into some of the points Severin Gehwolf mentioned in my pull request
– Started working on a presentation for my coordinator
– This week’s assignment rush is finally over and I survived

Next Step:
– Continue looking into the points mentioned in my pull request
– Finish work on my presentation

Road blocks:
– None

– Tried to work look again at issue 915, did the fix for issue 912.
– Had issues with git trying to commit the work on issue 915,

Next Step:
– Pull request for issue 912.
– Post my work on issue 915, for others to help.

Road Blocks:
– Lots of assignments and meetings.

– Setting up RVM to test issue904(Remark request old mark not showing).

Next Step
– Get some analysis done for issue904 and maybe I can do a blog post on it.

– Course Load

Next Steps:

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