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Punchline – UCOSP Group (Friday Meeting) – 26/10/2012

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Fixed Issue 874, created pull request.
Done with Midterms

Next Step:
Work on Issue 860 and Issue 868

Road Blocks:
Need better understanding of ruby on rails.

– Same as last week. Unfortunately, I was really sick over the weekend and into the week, and have been trying to catch up on my homework and project all this week.

Next Step
– Take on the sorting issue with help from last weeks meeting notes.

– None, just need a day to sit down and work on mark us (Saturday!)

– Got my previous pull requests merged (yay!) and finished a small fix to some non-escaped markup and now am into removing all of the prototype-helper code and switching it over to unobtrusive js.

Next Step:
I have most of the prototype-helper stuff removed, but it’s being used in some views that I can’t figure out how to access (which role, which function). I’ll probably bring this up in the meeting tomorrow if I make it in time to see if anyone is familiar with these particular routes.

I have a few ideas I’d like to take a look at next, the main one being optimizing a lot of ajax calls around the site. Looks like the main culprit is the FilterTable, and the way it expects data from the ajax calls, and how the data needs to be generated on the server. Basically, for each row in the table, the server has to create a hash with the values of the row, and then render a view that puts these values into a string of html which is also a hash key, and then has to send all of this data (the hash including the rendered row) to the client to be inserted in the table. In the log, I can see that the
view rendering sometimes takes up to 200ms per row, on top of 40-100 rows, which causes a long delay on some requests. I figure with some changes, the FilterTable should be able to accept just the jsonized
hash of values, and generate the mark-up for the table on it’s own, using a client side template of some sort, or just render the table directly into the view initially, and have the FilterTable manipulate
the table. Seeing as though there are so many pages that depend on the FilterTable, it seems like something worth putting time into and optimizing.

– I’ll be running a little short on time coming week, with 3 assignments due, and a midterm, but I’ll do what I can!

– Finished understanding the current implementation of the user preferences
– Fixed some bugs in the Graders page (with user preferences)
– Fixed Issue 900(based on Aimen’s work)
– Made the submissions user preferences (hide/show column) save correctly

Next Step:
– Save user preferences in the cookies instead of the session
– Hide/Show columns popup alignment on both Firefox and Chrome
– Some work still needs to be done on the Graders page to make user preferences work
– There are also some alignment issues with the graders table (since new columns were added to it)
– Add sorting order to the user preferences (make sure it’s saved on all pages)

– None

– Fixed Issue 851 with help from Michael Ing, pull request now merged.
– Closed Issue 896. I was working on older code and someone had fixed it already.
– Documented two more issues for the Remark Requests (#903, #904)

Next Step:
– I feel like writing a blog soon!
– Fixing and closing all of the documented Remark Request issues.
– Also, I didn’t notice anything wrong with csv outputs after remark requests. I’ll peek at it again, but no bugs found yet.

– Still getting familiar with Ruby on Rails… It took me a wee bit of time to follow the Ajax requests and understand calling controller methods from the view. Baby steps!

Michael Ing
– Been busy the whole week so I am pretty much in the same spot as last week.
– Setting up production test environment. Ran into some issue about not setting up correctly with the master. May have to re install again and document where I went wrong so it may improve installation.

Next Step:
– Get production environment setup so I can update documentation based on it.

– To busy to come up with an interesting roadblock about how busy I am.

-Didn’t do much this week.

Next Step:
Issue 872(disable button). Must get it done this weekend.

-Assignments from other courses are so hard!

– At the same point as last week, was not able to do much because of a hectic week with multiple assignments/midterms

Next Step:
– Will be be to allocate more time for Markus from this point onwards
– With the help of last weeks meeting notes, will proceed with Karen’s suggestions regarding making improvements to the marks spreadsheet

– Will have to miss this weeks meeting, unfortunately, due to a religious celebration I need to attend

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