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Punchline – UCOSP Group (Friday Meeting) – 19/10/2012

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Just submitted 2 pull request for issues that I was working on. One pretty simple fix to warnings/errors in tests, but at the same time there were 2 more functional test errors pushed to master so… The other one was some fairly significant style changes, and I hope everyone is okay with them.

Next Steps:
There are a few issues I’d like to pick up, but I’ll start with one that deals with legacy JS code, so that I can move into trying to optimize the ajax requests, and then maybe take on some more UI tweaking and design because I’ve found lots of places where it could be fixed/improved.

None at this time.

– wrote the blog post about improving the marks spreadsheet
– re-factored the warnings for global actions to use a shared partial.
– added the section column to the marks spreadsheet
– started to look into sorting on the column names. This has been done with a FilterTable in the Users page, I think the same thing could be applied to the marks spreadsheet. Read more documentation around FilterTable written by Mike Conely. Had a first go around with it.

Next Steps:
I could get the FilterTable showing up but it needs the correct headers, and I’m not sure how exactly it deals with columns that you can input stuff into. So the next step is to investigate whether FilterTable is the correct approach and implement it (lots of work here)

Road Blocks:
Don’t know much javascript so making filter tables work may be quite the undertaking for me but I’m for a challenge

– Pulled Aimen’s user preferences branch (issue689)
– Merged with master and fixed conflicts
– Started testing and working on the user preferences (making sure everything is still working after the merge)

Next Step:
– Finish saving user preferences on reload (cookies, etc.)
– Finalize work on user preferences in general (if I find glitches of any sort)
– Create some unit/functional tests to test the user preferences

Road block:
– None

– Made a pull request for issue871(disable ‘save’ button after press )

Next Step
– Work on issue872(similar to 871)

Road Blocks
– Midterm tomorrow morning so I may have to miss the meeting again(Sorry!). Will try to come for the last 10 minutes and go through the meeting log
– Need to figure out how to update markus wiki on github. I forked it into my github account and updated it but how do I generate a pull request?

– Closed pull request for issue 876
– Made the fix for issue 874, need to make a pull request

Next Step:
– Do tutorials on ruby and rails.
– Work on issue-868

Road Blocks:
– Midterms

Michael Ing
– Setting up production test environment. Ran into some issue about not setting up correctly with the master. May have to re install again and document where I went wrong so it may improve installation.
– Wrote blog post about git pull a branch

Next Step:
– Get production environment setup so I can update documentation based on it.

Road Blocks:
– If time is money and I pay very high tuition, shouldn’t I have more time?

– Spent time trying to replicate a few issues I found. Also, with Michael Ing’s help I’m just about done with issue #851.

– While trying to replicate the remark request problems I had another error pop up on me. As administer I release grades for an assignment, then log in as that student and get an error.

ActionController::RoutingError in Assignments#index
Showing /Markus/app/views/assignments/_list.html.erb where line #58 raised:
No route matches {:action=>”view_marks”, :controller=>”results”, :id=>1}

Next Step:
– Figure out why this routing error pops up. Has anyone had problems with releasing grades before?

Road Blocks:
– Getting through bugs and finally working on the remark requests.

– Learning about the marks spreadsheet and trying to find room for UI improvement

Next step:
– Will read more documentation and Kira’s blogpost about the this component of the system
– Will coordinate any planned fixes/features with Kira

Road blocks:

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