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Ideas on how to upgrade the marks spreadsheet

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1. Add a column for Section (Issue 891)

2. The user should really be able to sort by User Name, Last Name, First Name, Section. Follow the same style as the submissions page (Issue 894)

2.a Have the Jump to box correspond to column which the sort is applied to

3. Be able to add groups for a grader (just like for assignments).

4. When marks are released there should be a prevention of accidental changes.

5. When the marks are entered, there should be a validation that checks if the number is a number (not a letter or symbol). Should not allow invalid characters.

6. If you type a number outside of the grading range then a warning should be shown. I’m thinking what happens when the mark 9.5 wants to be entered and the decimal is forgotten. Then 95 is shown, a warning pops up and the system still excepts it. Same goes for negative numbers.

7 The message field in properties. This field is ONLY viewable to admins. If this was the intention (which I don’t believe it was) it should really be documented somewhere. Otherwise, it should be somehow made view able to the appropriate parties.

8. The date field in properties is more confusing than useful. Is it for when the marks are being release, when the marks were collected, or something else. What I think is needed is some brief documentation (I can’t find any, there was only a screen cast) just about an overview of the mark spreadsheet.

9. The student interface for the marks could use a little update to make it look a bit better.

Please keep adding to this post if you have more ideas on how we can improve the marks spreedsheet

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October 16th, 2012 at 8:19 pm

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