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Punchlines UofT Summer 2012 – 7/26/2012

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Categorize open issue related to 1.0.0 milestone

Open bugs that are not reproducible anymore:
Issues: 740, 722, 685, 683, 662, 500, 390, 320, 247

Current active issues being worked on:
Issues: 780, 760

Issues related to upcoming UJS change:
Issues: 741, 696, 688, 603, 475

Outstanding Issues:
Issues: 739, 738, 724, 721, 717, 704, 697, 676, 648, 617, 610, 608, 567, 563, 338, 197, 196, 191, 150, 16

Other duplicate/not reproducible issues:
Issues: 288 duplicate of 239


Next Steps:

Road Blocks:

– Pushed testcases for issue 293
– Fixed issue 760. Ran a few manual tests and it worked but I have not tried it with large numbers, eg: 50+ submissions

Next Steps:
– Write testcases for #760

Road Blocks:
– I wrote a few functional testcases for #293 but I am not entirely sure how to write functional test cases for #760. When manually testing my changes, I login as admin, assign a few assignments to a TA, login as a TA, mark a few submissions and try changing the Filter attribute to say “Show Unmarked”. I am still looking at ways to translate this kind of scenario into a test case.

Issue #748. Currently still under code review.
– Worked with Jeff to get UJS working. We have remove all related remote functions. See above for related issue numbers. Code is under review and fixing code based on comments.
– Worked on and submitted fix for Issue 781, Issue 500, Issue 678.

Next Steps:
– Continue to work on issues.

Road Blocks:
– Figuring out how xxxx_path works, primarily how the passing of parameters work. From bundle exec rake routes, I get “codeviewer_assignment_submission_result GET /assignments/:assignment_id/submissions/:submission_id/results/:id/codeviewer(.:format)”. Which means it takes 3 parameters, assignment_id, submission_id, and id. However, I just passed assignment_id and it still works. So I need to determine, is it possible to omit parameter and still work or what is going on.

– Doing code review for just submitted ujs branch. Following critique and looking into revamping layout partials.

Next steps:
– Finish more rails 3 tickets after code is merged.

Road Blocks:
– None

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July 28th, 2012 at 8:01 am

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  1. Just reproduced #688


    28 Jul 12 at 2:20 pm

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