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Punchlines UofT Summer 2012 – 6/21/2012

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– Currently making fixes to my review request on issue 745.

Next Steps:
– Work on the issue of releasing marks (Jeff/Michael is currently working on and already fixed by Tobi already, see my post for more details)

Road Blocks:
– N/A

– Submitted a review request for issue 293. Review #1253
– Discovered a bug while working on issue 293. I opened Issue 760 to fix this issue.

Next Steps:
– Write testcases for issue 293 and refactor a couple if statements in /controllers/submissions_controllers#browse
– Work on 760.

Road Blocks:
– None

– Currently working on issue #656 (Grace Day Bug). Updated code and attached to the review. Old Review. Ran into issues with how to fake the time when write svn test cases to test this issue. I wasn’t able to fake the time so that when submitting the assignment it wouldn’t use system time and use the fake time.
– Looked at issue #748. Issue is that every time we collect all submission, we create a new submission without removing the old one. Therefore, the more times you collect the submission, the more it will show when you subversion export file. Also, there does not seem to be any ordering. The ordering should be based off how the database stores all the submissions.
– Looked at release marks with Jeff issue # 697, 704. I noticed that Tobi has already fixed this issue and done the review.

Next Steps:
– Continue working to fix issue #656.
– Learn how to write a functional test case for issue #741.

Road Blocks:

– Did some research on upgrading to rails 3.1 (regarding the prototype issues). Things should work more or less out of the box using prototype-rails, hopefully. Also fixed an issue regarding the graphs

Next steps:
– Looking into the releasing marks issue. I’m going to wait a bit more before taking on upgrading to rails 3.1.

Road Blocks:
– None

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June 21st, 2012 at 10:50 am

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  1. @Jeff: Please hold back on any attempts to upgrade to 3.1. This is a larger task and we need to get a MarkUs release based on rails 3.0.x out first. Moving forward on fixing broken functionality on a 3.0.x based MarkUs has higher priority at this point. More here: and


    21 Jun 12 at 11:41 am

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