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Markus UofT Summer 2012 – Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2012

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Minutes of meeting held 12:00pm – 12:55pm, May 17, 2012 on IRC Channel

Participants: Karen Reid, Danesh Dadachanji, Daryn Lam, Kristian Lejao, Jeff Ling, Michael Ing

Meetings will be held on IRC Channel from this meeting forward.

Individual Status

  • Daryn: So I’ve pretty much just set up my RoR application on my mac and I’ve looked over the application, played around with the sandbox. Has some issue getting Markus Completely working. The book Daryn used for reference is simply rails 2
  • Kristian: Has been reading RoR tutorials online. im not done setting up the dev environment but i should be able to finish that by Monday. Also, Kristian is getting familiar with Github as well.
  • Jeff: He got the dev environment setup and went through a ruby tutorial and a RoR specific tutorial. Jeff saids he could start working on a ticket but he’ll be slow while figuring out where things are etc.
  • Michael: What I try doing is getting RoR working on Windows. However, I had no luck. As a result, I install it on a virutal box using linux. I have things up and running on linux. I have been play around with it on my own machine. Also, yesterday I briefly looked at the code just to get a feel of it. The book I have been using as a reference is Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial: Learn rails by example by Michael Hartl.

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