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Minutes for UCOSP meeting (02/04/12)

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  • Blog post on shoulda! It will be a great start for new devs being introduced to testing.
  • Worked on #150, creating repos for students who join late.
  • Finished off moving custom validation into validation helper.


  • Mostly in status report.


  • Still questioning how Period.make pushes the new periods into the submission’s period array.
  • Meeting with Hanson and Christine to form a joint intro for their presentation on their work on MarkUs this term.


  • Cracked the reason behind extra grace day deduction. If A1 is handed in and then a submission for A2 is made within the timeframe of A1’s grace days, a grace day is deducted.
  • Debugging it further is problematic because the code starts a seperate thread/process to figure out the timestamps. This is unreachable via normal debugger line.


  • Received feedback on routes test review, figuring out how to implement the others.

Me (Danesh)

  • Changed bug reporter modal into a general help modal. This is now shown to all users, where non-admin users are pointed to their userguides. Only admins see the links to the bug reporting tools, on top of their userguide link.
  • Prototype removal slowly coming to an end!


  • Status report says it all.
  • Presentation for the course needs to be a poster so there will most likely be no slides. 🙁


  • The modal for #689 is almost complete, it filters the columns properly. The per page button is broken when loading the view, it resets to 30 everytime it is changed.


  • MIA ( Egor: I must be going crazy…thought today’s meeting was cancelled due to Karen’s bday >_< )


  • Researched integrated testing to be used for unit tests across different controllers.
  • Various reviews and merges.


Open floor

  • Post-mortem next week, fill out the doodle if you haven’t.
  • MarkUs party on Saturday, the 28th of April! See email shortly.
  • Research In Action showcase of MarkUs went well. Industry folks shocked as usual that MarkUs has loads of undergrad devs who do fantastic work. 😉

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April 2nd, 2012 at 10:03 pm

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