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Punchlines UCOSP Group – 4/2/2012

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-Shipped #474
-Posted my blog writing: “understand unit test with gem ‘shoulda'”
-worked on #150
-stuck in code of #150, need time to clear my mind
Next steps:
-kill #150

– Implemented fix for issue 717, it is sitting in RB
– Tested issue 683 and it is not reproducible (Severin said Egor might have fixed it – action: confirm with Egor)
– Started working on issue 730 (can someone formally assign the bug to me :))
– Also taking issue 729
– Tobi and Aimen gave some suggestions and tips for my search functionality issue in RB, but still waiting for a Ship-It 🙂
– Same case with my fix for 717 which has not been reviewed by anyone yet
Next Steps:
– Ship issues currently in RB
– Fix 729 and 730 issues

– made blogpost about Mongrel
– working on outline for UCOSP presentation
– some UI rework discussion on 721 with Nelle (in Pull request state)
– 648 is in review board, has been reviewed and recommended fixes have been applied, still waiting for shipping cue
Next Steps:
– ship 648

-Wrote route tests for Admin resource & API test results resource,
posted to ReviewBoard
-Looked into the helpful comments from Danesh in his review

Next steps:
-Complete route testing for all resources
-Figure out how to properly test routes that should not exist

Road blocks

– Continue to debug through and investigate issue 656
– Thanks to Danesh, got a better understanding of the code but will still require some more work

– Swarm of assignments 🙁

Next Steps:
– Fix issue 656 asap!

– Updated the bug reporter review, posted my changes that turned it
into a helper modal.
– Added the helper modal for TAs and students, it only links to the
userguide however.
– Changed assert_recognizes from prototype rework tests to
assert_routing since this is more desirable. Some issues popped up
with params though.
– Continued work on prototype helper removal, still quite a few helpers left.
– Helped Aaron with his issues, attempted to help Jay trace his test
(we didn’t get too far but I [think I] guided him in the right
direction). Went over many reviews, commented on a few and closed ones
that had code pushes already.

Next week:
– Try to get code stuck in reviews out the door.
– Not that much time on MarkUs, I have an exam on Friday.
– Post-mortem meeting?

– Exam on the 13th, I won’t be able to spend that much time on MarkUs.

Worked on the presentation for MarkUs
Fixed the display of the Modal and working on Session for “Per Page”
Did some reviews for the issues posted on Review Board


Next steps:
-Finish working on the presentation.
-Post my final diff for issue689 on Review Board


-worked on issue 689, almost done!

-Time; everything is due this week :S

Next steps:
-finish up 570
-finish up 689 with aimen




  •  Pushed issue 669
  • Working on the integration unit test for 697 and 704
  • Did some reviews


  • When writing the unit tests for releasing assignment marks by admins and viewing the grades by students, I reached a road block. I previously used Webrat an additional Gem to write the test but after the reply to my email to markus-dev, adding a new dependency is not needed as I can use Rails integration tests for it. The test I’m currently writing will have to be a test of the entire process of an admin collecting assignments, the TAs marking them, and setting the status to completed and then releasing it.
  • Waiting for more “ship it”-s for issue 339
  • Logged some issues
Next Steps:
  • Finishing the unit tests
  • Closing other reviews

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