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Minutes: March 26, 2012. UCOSP Group

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Karen reminds us that there are 2 weeks left until the end of term, we need to start wrapping up our issues!

– Aaron has nothing new to add to his punchline, talked about the presentation that he has to do for their campus UCOSP representative, Meghan.  Will possibly do a joint introduction with Hanson and Christine to avoid duplication of content.  The presentation is suppose to be about 15 minutes long per student, where we each talk about the general project, what we did/contributed, what we learned.  Scheduled for Apr. 19, worth 10% of grade.  Christine will send an e-mail to Meghan to ask if we can do the joint intro.

– Sky worked on issue 474 and it is good to go, should be shipped very soon.  His said that his main goal is to make sure that he finishes issue 150 by the end of term as well as a blog post.

– Aimen said that issue 98 is posted for review now, and issue 689’s diff and screenshots have been posted as well.  There are still some kinks in 689, one of the issues being “able to show and hide columns but after refresh, the desired results are not shown”.  Tobi helped a lot for this issue as well (Credit for Tobi!).  She also has to give a presentation at the end of April about MarkUs and will need to set aside time to prepare for that as well.

– Karen reminds us to post our presentation materials on the blog if we have them

– Jay has not too much to add to his punchline.  He did regression testing for 656.  Had assignments for his courses (309 and 373) which took longer than expected and packed up his week.  Coming week, should be working more on 656 and hopefully get a fix by end of week.  Karen reminds Jay to takes notes on his progress on 656, since it is a very important defect to fix (If Jay isn’t able to fully complete it, it would be a shame if all his work was lost)

– Christine worked on testing Markus’ restful routes.  Gave credit to Tobi for mailing the list about the issue.  She ran into an issue with localizations of routes and is receiving help from Severin via the issue tracker.  Tobi offered to help Christine if Severin doesn’t respond soon (he is quite busy!).  Discussion about ‘routing_filer’ and assert_generates/assert_recognizes, will take offline.

– Sean has nothing much to add to his punchlines.  Been working with Aimen on 689.  Also picked up a small issue and is almost finished with it.

– Danesh is finished up with all link_to/button_to_remote fixes, the last few are up for review.  Got sidetracked by pagination issues, but was able to clean it up.   Asked about the bug viewer dialog and if she thought if it would be best to make it an info dialog, Karen agrees.  Danesh is also looking for a new bug, Karen suggests anything which will get us closer to rails 3 deployment! Tobi thinks MarkUs will be planning on a summer release, and Danesh thinks it needs more work but the end might be reasonable (Yay!).  Tobi says that the list of Rails 3 bugs compiled at the beginning of the term are mostly done.  Danesh tells Jay that his notes fix doesn’t quite patch Users-> Notes link to any student.  Talked a bit about grace period deletions and he had to change the link to a button, discussed with Karen about this.  Both of them agree that the deduction is not the right word used in grace period.

– Egor looked through the bugs that Tobi posted at the beginning of term, and it seems that 608 and 500 have not been worked on yet (not 100% sure about 500).  For this week, he plans to continue working on finishing his API and encoding tasks.  He implemented the suggestion that Severin made regarding encoding and only have unit tests left to do.  He is worried that he might not be able to finish these in time as Severin has been very busy and he has two very big changelists.  He added a feature so students are able to preview their submissions in the codeviewer, in case there are encoding problems and their work doesn’t display properly

– Difference between <%= and <% and between %> and -%>

– -%> removes white spaces at the end

– <%= suppose to be rails and outputs things like text fields, whereas <% is for outputting pure ruby, but Danesh has seen these used interchangably

– Tobi didn’t get to do much this week.  Was able to put in a total of 4 hours over the weekend because he was sick.

– Hanson was late to the meeting because he had a dentist appointment.  He put the search functionality fix onto review board, no reviews yet.  Wants to know if searching by student username is the best way to search.  He has thought about creating a dropdown with options (search by first name, last name, etc).  Karen says that she usually searches by userid so what he has right now should be the right way.  He mentioned that it took a while to figure out the query for TA’s so they don’t see submissions not assigned to them, would like sql/activerecord experts to look at his code to make sure it is correct.  Wrote a blogpost about Aptana debugging and will perhaps write something for MySQL query browser as well.

– Karen revised last year’s poster yesterday for tomorrow’s Research in Action poster session for industry.  She will post a poll for the final post mortem meeting and will try to schedule a markus party for the people that can attend (boo for UBC/SFU folks).  This week and next will be the final week(s) that we are suppose to be working (but she won’t say no to volunteer help after term!).

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