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Punchlines UCOSP Group – 3/26/2012

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– Was able to spend a lot of time this week and managed to finish implementing submissions search – issue 523, it is on RB now
– Wrote a blog post / emailed everyone tips on how to set up Debugging in Aptana Studio
Next Steps:
– Await feedback on search functionality and get it shipped!
– Similar to debugging, have some tips on setup / using MySQL Query Browser
– Pick up a new issue
– None so far



– researching and writing blogpost
– started outline for UCOSP presentation (Apr. 19)
– 721 has been shipped, pull requesting is waiting to be merged
– 648 posted on review board, running into some issues fixing the unit test failures, waiting for response from anyone that can help (Severin most likely)
– looking for a defect to pick up which I can fix with the time left in this term
Next Steps:
– post my blogpost
– continue working on UCOSP presentation
– final fix for 648
– pick up another defect
– none, end of term, busy with other courses/assignment/projects as well



– review of #474 approved and ready to ship with tiny change
– played with svnadmin (to simulate repo creation) and csv file (to create student group) for #150, traced code to assignment.rb and started to modify it
– wrote my blog post but not finished yet

Next Steps:
– ship #474
– submit #150
– finish my blog post

Road Blocks:
– workload of #150 hard to predict, will call for help if stuck


– Got the Columns filter to work, now you can select which columns from the modal to hide or show (with help of Tobi. Thanks! )

– Posted the code on reviewboard

– Fixed the CSS for Graders View and posted the screen shots on Review Board (please check it out and comment)

-Fixed Issue 98 and posted it for review.

Road Blocks:
– Can’t get the render to work properly, so if the page is refreshed the hidden columns wont display again

Next Steps:
-Get the render to work so that the column filter works when page is refreshed
– Add user preferences.



  • Shipped 722
  • Read up on some regression testing to create tests for issue 656
  • Wrote up the tests for it. Need to fix some problems for it.
  • Started investigating the code to fix the issue
Next Week:
  • Ship 656
  • Work on another issue if everything goes okay 🙂
  • Had 3 assignments due today so could not spend as much time this weekend as I wanted.


-Picked up 664, ran into issue with localized routes. See my comment
on the issue tracker

Next Steps:
-Continue 664, write tests for all RESTful routes

Road blocks
-Still stuck on 248, a lot of it already uses machinist, and I’m not
quite sure what to convert…I hope writing the route tests, which are
simpler will help me understand the assignments test



  • Picked up issue 725, and made good progress- just about ready to post a review.
  • continued working on issue 689 with Aimen- we posted a review for the work we’ve done so far.

Next week:

  • Continue working on issue 689.
  • put up a review for 725
  • finish up and post a review for 570


  • Ran into some troubles with 689.



  • Fixed pagination issues, modified the current setup a bit (somewhat unrelated  to link_to_remote replacement).
  • Finished fixes for link_to_remote and button_to_remote, all of them should be  cleaned up by now.
  • Added tests for routes I modified/created to check the HTTP verb.
  • Continued with other prototype helper functions that need replacing (so many   more..).
  • Bug Viewer: Modified modal, considering proposing it be an “Info” dialog       instead of “Bugs” and that the “about” dialog’s icon be changed.

Next week:

  • Continue with prototype helper replacement.
  • Post changes of bug viewer for review.
  • Wrap up or find a new bug?


  • None


– worked on #338 in response to Severin’s changes
– added/modified a lot of the screenshots and changed the way that students may download/preview their files
– finished the POST/PUT part of the assignments API…only unit tests left to do now

Next Steps:
– finish my remaining tasks… probably no time to pick up anymore

– waiting on Severin to get some free time to do my reviews



– Updated the review for 339 after Severin’s comments

– Helped Aimen and Sean on the user preferences issue


Next Steps:

– Finishing off the tests so that issues 697 and 704 can be closed

– Picking another issue to work on



– Was really sick Friday-Sunday so didn’t have time to finish off the tests


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