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Debugging in Aptana

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Brief write up on how to enable debugging in Aptana Studio.
Many of you might already be doing this, but for those that have not I thought this would be useful information to share. If you are using Aptana as your IDE, you can take advantage of GUI based debugging. Luckily, very very simple to do (Note I am on Ubuntu):
1) You might need to install the ruby-debug-ide gem > sudo gem install ruby-debug-ide
2) Open App Explorer View in Aptana (Window -> Show View -> App Explorer)
3) Choose Markus in the drop-down and click the tool icon and click Debug Server
4) Markus boots up and now you have full access to the debug environment! Set / Step through breakpoints, see the values of variables … etc.


Another article that might be helpful if debugging in an IDE is completely new to you (pertains to Java in standard Eclipse IDE, but the basic controls are the same for debugging Ruby in Aptana).

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March 25th, 2012 at 11:06 pm

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