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Punchlines UCOSP Group – 3/19/2012

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– Started looking at the search functionality issue 523, but didn’t spend too much time on it yet.
– Wrote blog post! on link_to() vs. button_to()
– Reviewed code, helped with Jay and Severin on issue 722

Next Steps:
– Dive more into search functionality issue

– Was busy this week but happy to get blog post done


– issue 298 shipped and closed
– issue 721 picked up, fixed, shipped (error checking with add section modal)
– issue 648 still working away discussion is underway with Severin, but he is quite busy

Next Steps
– issue 648
– pick up a new issue
– blog post

Road Blocks:
– midterm this Thursday, probably won’t be spending too much time on MarkUs until the weekend.


– After getting feedback from Severin, continued my work on #474. Checked official guide and online posts to look for a method to create one custom validation that can validate different attributes in different model. Finally made it and submitted my code. Now on review board.
– Looked into code for #150, but didn’t make much progress
– Planning to write a post about intro to unit tests with ‘shoulda’

Next Steps:
– get feedback from review board, make change and ship #474
– start to code for #150
– write my post

Road Blocks:


– Researched about unit testing for issue 656
– Was interrupted because an unobtrusive javascript issue came up from
one of my issues so worked on a fix for that

Next Steps:
– Write regression tests for 656
– Find a fix for it

– None


-finished summarizing Ch3-5 of RoR tutorial book
-studying NelleV’s fix for #257, trying to do similar for #247

Next Steps:
-continue work on #247, first figure out shoulda contexts and then convert from fixtures to machinist. Was confused at first because some places in the test already uses machinist.



-Working on 689, and making progress! we got lots of help from Danesh, Egor, and others!
-Didn’t have too much time to work on issue 570, or 617 this past week due to midterms and many assignments (csc 488, 384, and 343 >.

Next Steps:
-Continue working on 689
-Start on issue 570
-fix up my issue 617, and post an updated review
-Should be a really productive week!

-Aimen and i got stuck with issue 689 many times, but we continually probed others for help! I feel we’re making good progress, AND i’m learning lots about rails all the time 🙂



  • #644: Replied to reviews, starting implementing changes.
  • #475: Continued with replacing some old functions. Added tests for the routes I have modified and replied to the comments on the reviews.
  • Helped Aimen and Sean with their column filter issue. Reviewed the new issues for duplication.

Next Steps:

  • Post test for manually collection of submission for review.
  • Update review for prototype helper
  • Submit new ideas for bug tracker
  • Fix up some of the accidentally escaped HTML floating around MarkUs


  • Not much time this week.



-Working on issue 689
-tried a few methods to hide or show columns, first by redrawing the entire page, but got stuck there as we were not suppose to render it but redirect_to it
-Send an email to markus-dev asking what everyone would suggest would be the best method to implement this, Egor shared his idea about implementation and now trying that out.

Next Steps:
– Finish completing hide / show columns

– Got stuck with rendering, Danesh and Tobi helped. Thanks guys! 🙂
– Functions not being called properly, so had issues with routing


– opened: 731, 725, 723. These will definitely need people to look over them and give their opinions. These bugs are based on the usability problems with MarkUs.
– cleaned up and partly finished the changes for  This bug is not assigned to me, but I have done some research and work on it, in the past.
– spent most of my time working on #338 this week. I have also modified the Graderview UI and some other minor bugs, as a part of my changelist. Full list of changes may be found:

Next Steps:
– work on #705 and send finish #687

– need reviews:


Road blocks:

– Stuck on getting the routes for issue 704 to work. Couldn’t get much help from the Ruby On Rails IRC channel either

– Need more reviews for Issue 339



– Wrote unit tests that tests releasing marks as an admin, and viewing the marks a student as part of issue 704

– Finished updating the pull request for 669

– Logged issues 728, 729 and 730


Next Steps:

– Getting help on the routing issues for issue 704

– Seeing the issue through reviews

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