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Minutes: March 12, 2012. UCOSP Group.

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Karen reminds us that today is the 4th to last regular meeting, and we need to start thinking about the end of the term.

  • Sean has some issues going through review, and has started to work on issue 570. He is continuing to make progress on 689 with Aimen, with help from Danesh.
  • Aaron finished adding assert_recognise test for his action thanks to Jay’s example ans is almost done with issue 648.
  • Hanson has started on the search functionality, and still has to work on his blog post.
  • Sky is relived to have finally accomplished work on 320. He has learned a lot on unit tests in the process. Now he has moved on to 474, and 150, in which he is on the investigation stages of. He talked to Karen for 150 and is grateful for the reply.
  • Danesh got the bug viewer up and running! It is up on review board with screen shots. He used the RJS way for the modal, discussion on this can be done on review board. Some of the links he had fixed before broke again, there is some no-route issue which needs to be figured out.
  • Jay was sick last week, this week he will work on 656. Christine was not able to recreate the issue, but she was setting the due date to 1 hour ago and then collecting right way. Jay will try setting the due date, and then collecting the next day. Karen notes that when a grace period is set to 0.25 hours it will be actually set to 15 minutes, and has experienced the bug in the past week so she can come up with scenarios to recreate if needed. This week, Jay has also written a blog post on Rails Named Routes. Karen wonders if routes are especially tricky in Rails. Jay says that it is best to see how routes are defined in routes.rb
  • Aimen got past the render problem this week, thanks to some help from Danesh. She implemented the modal, so now she will be working on showing and hiding columns before moving on to user preferences. She has started implementing user preferences on the submissions table so that the user (admin) can choose which columns show on next login.
  • Christine has been working on a blog post that summarizes Ch1-5 of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Example. The issue she worked on last week, 695, on cookie detection has been pulled to upstream.
  • Egor does not have much to add to his punchlines (see the blog), except for his encoding task to display student assignments using UTF-8; but odd encodings still manage to break the grade view. Egor proposes to give the student a warning if they are not using ASCII or UTF-8 during upload, Danesh warns that some students may not know how to convert files. Severin clarifies that his suggestion was to display the current encoding to the grader, and give the option to switch. Egor will research on the proper way to provide the functionality – autofill or textbox with example pattern.
  • Tobi is working on tests for the releasing and viewing of marks by admins and students respectively. He is also helping Aimen with refreshing the page after user preference columns are selected.

Karen thanks us for our work, and notes that we can go review someone’s code when we are waiting for our own code to be reviewed. There is a Western Canadian CS Ed Conference, if there is any students (current/former) in Vancouver around May 4/5, let Karen know. The last day of UCOSP is around the last week of April 2, marks are due April 13. Welcome to continue work on Markus after term is over.

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March 12th, 2012 at 9:52 pm

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