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Minutes for Meeting held on January 30th, 2012

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  • Karen and Egor were sick. :(.  Egor got reviews for three of his bugs and also started a discussion about Prototype vs JQuery going for subsequent Markus releases.
  • Sky read up some tutorials on Ruby On Rails and is currently investigating issue 402
  • Jay was busy with interviews and assignments but was able to work on a bug over the weekend with Sean and Aimen over a Google hangout session. He has also started working on issue 602
  • Danesh submitted a review for HTML escaping and found an issue with rejecting a student’s invitation, fixed it, and made a different review for it
  • Aaron shipped issue 405 and is currently working on a different bug which he has a conceptual solution to and is currently learning Ruby on Rails to implement it
  • Hanson shipped two issues this week: 326 and 611 and is currently working on issue 404
  • Egor, Hanson, Danesh and Tobi were talking about tackling issue 603 which is a Javascript issue and Tobi volunteered to work on it
  • Karen reiterated her priority for us to finish the Rails 3 bugs before starting bugs with a different tag
  • Christine is stuck on 382 she will be talking about it with Danesh and Tobi after the meeting
  • Tobi worked on issue 468, 434 and updated the wiki with Mac OS X installation steps
  • Aimen shipped issue 386 and updated the wiki with MySQL installation instructions on Mac OS X
  • Sean read up some Ruby on Rails tutorials, Markus code and worked on an issue with Jay and Aimen

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