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Minutes – February 20, 2012

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The punchlines for this week can be found here: 

  • Danesh continued to work on an issue about prototype and will need to spend some more time to look for a solution. He will write a blog post on new bugs and would like to see others’ opinion on it.
  • Egor has been working with Severin on the API. He also opened some new bugs this week. It was also discussed that it’d be great to have all the features of Markus working on the major browsers (ie. Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari).
  • Hanson continues to work on his part/share of the legacy helper.
  • Sky got issue #402 shipped. He also learned and applied RoR testing on issue #320. He is now waiting on revision before shipping it.
  • Aaron had a busy week so did not have much progress on his issues. He continued to read Ruby on Rails book.
  • Jay fixed two issues (#483 and #602) and opened two more. He is waiting for a review on the 2 issues and will start working on two other issues assigned to him.
  • Christine researched on machinist. She also spent some time looking at unit test files to see examples of machinist.
  • Tobi has been discussing with Severin about issue #669 and #670. He also spent time investigating issue #666 (a prototype issue). He also spent time reading about AJAX in prototype as it was required for the issues he’s working on. He has also started a discussion about AJAX in prototype on a blog post.
  • Sean continues to work on the assigned issues and hopes to squash them during this reading break.
NOTE: Two reminders were made during the meeting:
  1. If you haven’t posted your minutes for the previous meeting, please do so. You can look at the irc logs to see what was discussed during the meeting. The link to irc logs is here:
  2. If you haven’t written a blog or two, please do so when you get chance.

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