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Punchlines – 02/20/12

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– Discussed with Hanson about link_to replacing link_to_remote. The

prototype legacy helper function uses link_to_function but this does

not work always. Trying to find a suitable solution.

– Found some unused partials, I am slowly removing them and posting up reviews.

– Considered making the “Report a bugs” link similar to a dialog

popped up by role switching, have a few options there.

– Going over issues/reviews.

Next steps:

– Continue with removing use of the legacy helper.

– Finish off test for collecting submissions.

– Write blog post about “Report a bug” page.


– Too much time spent being sick 🙁




– had #627 bounce back due to a weird problem that happened only on postgresql. Worked on it again and closed it, again.

– closed: 629

– opened: 666, 662, 661

– spent some time talking with Severin about #649. This problem will only come up for people that are not living in the EST ( default time zone is EST ). I believe that the need to manually set the local time zone should be mentioned on the wiki somewhere.

– spent most of my time this week working on #549


– need tags for: ( evil bug )

Next Steps:

– finish #549, write a blog post for the proposal for the assignments API, write the assignments API




– Another batch of link_to_remote fixes submitted. I didn’t get as much done this week as I had liked , very busy but I still wanted to get at least something into RB this week.


– Super busy week @ job and school assignments. Luckily it’s our Reading Break now for UBC-ers.

Next steps:

– Put in extra effort to squash remaining link_to_remote tags… so I can move on to something else!




– Fixed and shipped #402

– Learned about RoR testing, especially unit tests for models

– Added unit tests for #320 and got feedback from Severin, now in the progress of revision; could be some more back and forth before shipping


– None.

Next Steps:

– Complete adding the unit tests in the desired way and ship the issue
– Work on a new issue




– Due to assignments and midterms this week I was not able to spend time working on Markus

– Looked at the upload/download examples of the modal dialogs which I will be using as a reference for creating the add new section modal dialog for issue 298

– Did more readings on my Ruby on Rails book (based on version 1.0, but still good read to learn the basics)


– None

Next Steps:

– Reading break for UBC this week!  Not too much coursework or no classes to attend so I will be able to spend much more time on Markus, interview on Thursday so I will be unavailable Wed-Thursday.

– Continue on my implementation of modal dialog for issue 298




– Read up on machinist/shoulda testing

– Fixed issue #602 and #483. Waiting on review requests on them.

– Opened 2 other issues (#678 and #681)



Next Steps:

– Ship the 2 issues that I’m currently waiting to be reviewed

– Start working on other 2 issues.




-Had midterms/quizzes/assignments this week did not get much time in for Markus

-To begin work on #247:

-Read “A Guide to Testing Rails Applications”

-Read Machinist readme file.

Next steps:

-Reconcile reading on testing to actually converting fixtures to

Machinist in assignments_controller_test.rb. This file seems to

already use Machinist in many places though (@assignment =

Assignment.make is used) I hope I’m not looking at the wrong file?


-Reading break this week, but I got asked to go into my previous co-op

job 9-5 for the week. Will not have any coursework though, so will

have more time for Markus than previous week.



– Created blog post to open discussion and filed a bug on the Prototype Project about a Prototype AJAX “before” handler bug for issue 641
– Studied the Prototype Ajax guide (I didn’t know much about AJAX in Prototype) for bugs 666, and 603
– Currently working on issues 603, 669 and 339
– Waiting for a reply on the Prototype bug I filed
Next Steps:
– Finishing off 603, 669 and 339
– Looking for a Markus specific fix to issue 641 if there is no reply from the Prototype Devs



– Currently working on 651, 617
– None
Next Steps:
– Finish up, and post 651, and 617 for review

– Pick up a new issue



– Fixed issue 263, waiting for someone to review it
– Fixed issue 98 and have to post the Review on Review Board
– None

Next Steps:
– Write a blog about Git Hub and Review board
– Read up about Drop Down Menus to Make columns hide/show for issue 327

– Work on issue 620 and 651

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