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Punchlines – 02/13/12

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  • Corrected the state of the art to include Guillaume Moreau’s indications.

Next Steps:

  • Validating the choices we have made so far during a meeting with Guillaume Moreau;
  • Studying in depth the conversion process to facilitate future work –by understanding MarkUs integration requirements .


  • A lot of interviews for my internship this week!




  • Computed some tests on the memory size option of the ImageMagick “convert” function –> not conclusive
  • Computed some tests on the GhostScript convert functions –> much more efficient
  • Discovered a ruby gem called RGhost making available these GhostScript functions in Ruby
  • Computed some tests on the ImageMagick “montage” function

Next Steps:

  • Validating the use of RGhost by supervisors.
  • Finding an acceptable way for image montage (n images to 1 image) – See if it is really necessary


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