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Punchlines 6th February, 2011

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  • Closed issues: #637, #636, #627
  • Closed issues: #437, #342
  • Finished and awaiting review: #175, #637, #629, #630
  • Finished and need to write tests: #627, #586

Next Steps:

  • Need to learn and write some automated tests for some of my issues ( =*( )





  • Currently working on issue 327
  • Working on the issue 620 with Sean and Jay
  • Updated Wiki on “How to Download MySql on Mac Snow Leopard
  • Read on Ruby on Rails Tutorial
  • None
Next Steps:
  • Continue working on issue 327 and 620
  • Read more on Java script for issue 327


  • Small part of this week spent working on the RoR tutorial
  • Most of this week working on issue 404 (remote tags). Managed to get out a review for form_remote_tag (only 1 instance is not blocked right now). However the majority of work will probably be in link_to_remote as there are 30 instances the last time I checked. I’m going to split up the commits so they are not all mashed into a single commit.
  • Took quite some time to figure out how to convert to form_tag for the page I was working on, because it used unobtrusive javascript to handle the ajax request and response.
  • Didn’t realize that the groups page actions were already broken (due to routing I believe, issue 602), and thought I was doing something incorrect.
Next Steps:
  • Continue to work and debug the remaining remote tags for issue 404.


  • Had a blocking issue over the weekend with mysql gem, for some reason after fetching the most recent updates from markus-upstream, my whole rails framework completely forgot about mysql gem, which did not let anything run
  • Tried troubleshooting with tobi and erop, but to no avail, now have decided to move forward with using sqlite3 as the db adapter
  • Rails framework is back up for me and I am continuing on my progress on issue 298
  • None currently
Next steps:
  • Continue on getting issue 298 into review state
  • Pick up a rails 3 bug to work on by the end of the week
  • Continue progress on RoR tutorial


  • Following some advice from Egor, did CookieDetection from login method in main_controller.rb instead of application_controller.rb, so that cookies are only checked at the login screen because users with cookies off are redirected to login screen.
  • Successfully displayed “Please configure your browser to accept cookies.” message using flash[:login_notice] when cookies are off at the login screen. This message is defined as cookies_off in en.yml, will need help translating this for fr.yml.
  • Ran bundle exec rake test and received 14 failures. Attempted to fix, but still receiving 14 failures.
Next Steps:
  • Fix code to pass tests
  • When that is done, and posted to review board, pick up new issue.



  • Digging deep into code to revise my review of issue#320 (need examine and discuss more about the meaning of grace credit display and how the data is stored)
  • Fixing and testing the code for issue#402 (142 changes need to be made and tested)
  • None
Next Steps:
  • Submit and ship issue#320 and issue#402
  • Pick a new issue if smooth


  • Administration of various reviews and issues – marking as submitted/closed.
  • Dug into #441, found a solution for collecting submissions. It was marked as a duplicate of #500, the comments there say the lack of redirect to the results page is a separate issue so I submitted a review for just collecting submissions.
  • Claimed and started #475 – replacing legacy prototype code. Working my way through the codebase and finding and replacing all deprecated code with the functional implementation.

Next Step:

  • Finish off #441 – Severin asked that I write a test for it so I’m doing that next.
  • Continue with #475 – check what the devs want me to do with the more complicated functions that aren’t one-line substitutions.
  • Reviews!
  • Potentially another bug?


  • Terrible wifi on megabus! Fortunately had access to IRC and wget 😀


  • Fixed issue 468
  • Worked on 434 which turned out to be a duplicate of 607 and Egor has a fix for it
  • Currently working on 641, 603 and 581
  • Spent time helping Jay out with an issue
  • Worked on adding the Mac OS X installation instructions
  •  Studying some Prototype Javascript tutorials to fix 641
Next Steps:
  • Closing 641, 603 and 581



  • Continue to investigate on issues 620 and 602. It took a while to figure out the auto generated _path url for one of the broken links and with Tobi’s help, I am one step closer to fixing it.
  • Ran into some git issues with Markus wiki so haven’t been able to update it yet.


  • None.

Next Steps:

  • Close issues 620 and 602.
  • Update Markus wiki.





  • Spent a lot of time working on ruby tutorials, some javaskript, and getting familiar with the MarkUs code
  • Met with Jay and Aimen to talk about the current issues we are all working on, and how to proceed
  • Finished working on an implementation of issue # 617, but it has not yet been posted for review.


  • None at the moment

Next Steps:

  • Get issue #617 posted for review
  • Find a new issue to work on

Written by Tobi

February 6th, 2012 at 8:49 pm

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  1. @Christine: Perhaps it would be a good idea to toss up a review and have somebody else have a look at it (please also push your branch to your fork). Post reviews early even if they’re incomplete and (possibly) ask for help. 🙂


    6 Feb 12 at 9:46 pm

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