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Triaging bugs caused by migrating to Rails 3

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Karen, Danesh and I spent some time triaging and updating the bugs caused by migrating to Rails 3. All the findings have been noted below. Any feedback will be appreciated.

  • Unobtrusive Javascript:
    • 603 (General)
    • 468 (Tobi working on this)
    • 404 :Tested and the fix seems to be straight forward easy fix. Except for when the link_to_remote opens a popup in which case both the name of the function and the path to the action in the given controller will have to be used. The About popup is a good example.
  • 608 & 575: Major issues to be looked at by core devs
  • 602: Rails routing issue that is still reproducible. See the comments on the bug.
  • 500: Currently being investigated by two students in France.
  • 475: Replacing prototype_legacy. Major issue that needs more investigation as the current prototype library we are using is deprecated.
  • 441: (Danesh is working on this)
  • 438 & 439: Duplicate issue both have been closed as the problem is no longer reproducible. It was fixed with review at
  • 402: Tested and commented, is very straight forward.
  • 428: Broken case found. See issue comment
  • 434: Still reproducible. See issue comment.
These are the issues with highest priority now. We will be tackling these first.

Written by Tobi

January 28th, 2012 at 8:54 pm

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  1. Tobi: Re 475: It’s not prototype which is deprecated, but the rails plugin prototype_legacy_helper. I just wanted to have this clarified. Prototype itself (the JS framework) is still actively maintained 🙂

    Thanks for triaging! Keep up the good work.


    28 Jan 12 at 10:54 pm

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