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Markus UCOSP – Meeting Minutes – Nov 30th

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  • Started off by doing rounds.
  • Luke put up a review fixing issue #527 (delete action for sections), waiting for it to be checked before continuing.
  • Luke is planning to begin working on issue #501 (error messages for missing translations), as well as fix some spelling mistakes.
  • Severin has been trying to get passenger use different production.log’s per ruby worker.
  • He is currently unsuccessful because log messages are interleaved.
  • Severin ran an experiment using memory repository which confirms the performance bottle-neck are SVN/File IO.
  • Erik has posted a blog post about firebug and fixed issue #439 (admins cannot create groups).
  • Luke suggested we close our reviews after they have been pulled in.
  • Razvan was not been able to work on Markus this week. Busy with projects.
  • Alex was able to add some functional tests to his multiple encoding file uploading fix.
  • He ran into some trouble with the grades page. There seem to be errors in the file upload and the tests for this page are a little more complex than the previous pages.
  • First he will try to figure out why the page is giving and error when a file is uploaded before figuring out the tests.
  • Focus for next week is wrapping up issues and making sure the code is ready for the next semester students.

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