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Punchlines – 25 november 2011

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Here are the punchlines of our group (students from Centrale Nantes), working on the test framework of Markus.


Status :

Done the state of the art for the student view
Diagrams describing the project

Next Step :

Solving the problems to make the student view working


Status :

State of the art for the Student’s test framework completed
Wrote activity and state-transition diagrams for each type of user

Next Step :

Solving the problems listed in the state of art in order to make the student view working.


Status :

understanding what is inside a build.xml document
generating build.xml from java program
testing the build.xml in order to know wether a java class compile or not
I have written the solution of the algpr practical work.

Next Step :

generating build.xml for c or c++ program
persevering with ant documentation

Roadblocks :

i have not understood the particular interest of the JUnit library while generating a build.xml document


Status :

Wrote class diagram for the test framework. State of ort of the test framework (Admin’s view)

Next Step :

Correct display errors and try to solve the 404 error


Status :

Ended the state of the art for the Admin’s test framework.
Wrote 3 sequence diagrams for each type of user.

Next Step :

Try to correct the errors that disable us to see if Ant can compile our test files.

Roadblock :

Error 404


Status :

Working on the state of the art of test framework (grader view).
Did a general component diagram for Markus.
Detected some bugs while working on the state of art.

Next Step :

Working on bugs (404 and root) related to the grader view

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