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IRC Meeting Notes – September 18, 2009

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Today’s Agenda

Today’s Status Reports

IRC Transcript – starting around 11:54 am and going through to the 3rd page.

Mike Conley (m_conley) ran the meeting today, with Tara (tlclark) taking notes.

  1. Development environments
    • We all have our development environments and MarkUs set up, across all 3 platforms. Yay!
    • Karen and Mike thank us for working hard to update the install documentation.
  2. Code sprint travel arrangements
    • Tara is driving up, all settled.
    • Melanie, Simon, and Gabriel all bought their tickets today.
    • Farah is already in Toronto, as is Severin.
    • Fernando is getting there by bus.
    • Mike Conley will send an e-mail to Greg about how to check-in to the hotel rooms.
  3. Tickets distribution
    • Mike has assigned each of us 1 or 2 tickets on Dr Project since code sprint is next weekend anyways.
      • To view yours: Dr Project > View Tickets, then add a filter on “Owner” and select “is” and your username
      • Or do a group by owner to see who all has what
    • Not exactly critical projects even if they’re priority “high”
    • MarkUs is big, so here are some small things to start with for each of us
    • All code must go through ReviewBoard before being committed to the subversion respoitory.
    • Mike, Severin (jerboaa) and Nelle are around to help with any questions about the code.
    • No questions about tickets (yet).
  4. Code sprint discussion (work part)
    • All of the teams get to mix and mingle together and then we sit down and code afterwards.
    • We’re going to be spread out across several rooms, together in a group though.
    • 8 hour days spent closing tickets, writing tests, and asking questions (and having fun)
    • Big white boards
    • Greg brings donuts
      • If you don’t like (or don’t want them in the morning) donuts, there is a Tim Horton’s near the Bahan Center for bagels, etc.
  5. Code sprint discussion (team hang out)
    • Gabriel suggested doing something on Thursday night
    • Him, Mélanie, and Simon arrive at Pearson at 8:15 pm
    • Tara and Mike don’t drink, but we agree to go for beers at 9 pm.
    • We divulged into a discussion about how drinking on the plane works and whether you can take your own alcohol onto the plane. Simon guessed that beers must cost $18 on the plane.
    • Severin suggested meeting at the Bahan Centre.
    • Tara said that the non-U of T people don’t know where that is and suggested meeting at the hotel, having the Torontonians guide us to the Bahan Center, to a pub, and then back to the hotel.
    • Mike agreed and suggested that we meet at 9 pm at the Bata Shoe Museum by the hotel. You can’t miss it. It’s a shoe museum. Lots of shoes in the windows.
    • Tara suggested that we exchange phone numbers in case we run into any problems trying to meet up. Everyone should e-mail Mike with their phone number (ensure that at least one peson in each traveling group has a cell phone) and he will e-mail us the list of everyone’s phone numbers.
    • Nelle then figured out that Melanie speaks French and we divulged into a short French discussion, with groans from Mike and Severin, as could be expected, but also from Gabriel who wants to practice his English. (what about me who wants to practice my French?!?)

And that was the end of our second meeting! See everyone Thursday evening in Toronto!!!

Written by Tara Clark

September 18th, 2009 at 7:22 pm

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