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Punchlines – 23 october 2011

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Here are the punchlines of our group (students from Centrale Nantes), working on the test framework of Markus.


Status :

Tests on Markus demo version what is working. Learning of ruby language. Understanding ant

Next Step :

writing users documentation concerning test framework
Carrying on testing what is working.


Status :

tutorials concerning Ruby and Rails
browsing almost all possibilities of the demo markus version
ant clearings up

Next Step :

writing user guide concerning test framework
applying Ruby and Rails knowledge for reading code fragments concerning test framework


Status :

Improving my knowledge on ruby

Next Step :

Keep going on ruby
Have a better look on the use cases

Roadblocks :

I ought to have a better look on the current work on the use cases in order to increase my point of view on the requirements of the project


Status :

Fix a bug (routing). Nelle assigned me my first ticket !
Learn a bit about Github

Next Step :

Learn how to use Review board and Github, to submit our modifications


Status :

Fixed the routing bug due to the rails 3 migration by adding a function “Update” AutomatedTestControler
Learnt some more about Git and GitHub

Next Step :

Understand what the Update function does exactly.
Carry on understanding the MVC model


Status :

Understanding the test framework.
Reading documentation about Markus and specifying test needs.

Next Step :

Getting some interest on ant files.
Try to configure new tests.

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