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MarkUs UCOSP Fall 2011 – Status Week 5

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  • Got error display pulled into main
  • Tied up some loose ends with bugs that had been closed

Next Steps

  • Investigate ‘type’ column error

Road Blocks

  • None



  • Completed issue 521: Broken link to the add/edit graders page. It was a strange routing issue dealing with the pluralisation of “TA”.
  • Finished functional test cases for TAs
Next steps:
  • Working on issue 438: students cannot be added to groups
Road blocks:
  • None.



  • Fixed delete and create for annotation texts (issue 560)
  • Started working on creation of annotation texts and have it in a half complete state

Next steps:

  • Finish up issue 560
  • Look into cleaning up how buttons/links look in cases where we use both next to eachother

Road blocks:

  • Assignments and midterms just around the corner
  • Trying to figure out the cause of the errors in rendering related to add new annotation text that was introduced now that the controller method is properly being called


  • No work done this week
Next steps:
  • Work on issues #430 and #431, both notes related
  • Put in this week’s missed work time into next week
Road blocks:
  • Assignments and midterm prep took longer than expected

Severin Gehwolf


  • Tested script based load testing using REMOTE_USER + basic auth. There was no gain, since the current user is inside MarkUs is still tracked in a session cookie. Back to square one.
  • Wrote an unofficial MarkUs 0.11.1 patch for U of T (tests results workaround).
  • A bit of code review.

Next Steps:

  • Write blog post about why maintaining sessions in a script bases solution is difficult and why there’s no way without it.
  • Move forward with a curl based scripted solution which seems to work (using its cookie store support).


  • Other things are keeping me busy.

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