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MarkUs UCOSP Fall 2011 – Status Week 4

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  • Completed issue 552: Cancel buttons on various forms were appearing smaller than the submit buttons
  • Started working on issue 521: Cannot reach the create/edit graders page. Seems to be some sort of routing issue, but I haven’t really gotten anywhere yet.
  • Implemented functional tests for the TA (graders) page. It previously had no tests, but now has a few simple ones, including ones that fail now, but should succeed once issue 521 is resolved
Next steps:
  • Complete this issue and move onto the next one
Road blocks:
  • None.



Next Steps

  • Get error fixes reviewed.

Road Blocks

  • None



  • Fixed about dialog on master[1].
  • Shipped MarkUs 0.11.0[2] including the possibility of hiding assignments.
  • Experimented with existing benchmarking scripts in order to produce load on the server. Didn’t get very far due to a cookie problem. Will try to go down the HTTP basic authentication route.
  • Code review.

Next Steps:

  •   Setup server with Apache’s basic authentication and MarkUs REMOTE_USER.
  •   Give the load test script another shot with basic auth.


  • Sessions in HTTP are difficult to maintain in scripts, which I need for load testing. I hope basic authentication will do the trick.




  • Modified the refactored functional tests after some changes were pushed to master
  • Fixed the deleting a note bug (#429)
  • Had my previous bug fixed by Nelle before I really got into it (#434)

Next Steps:

  • Work on issues #430 and #431, both notes related


  • None


  • Completed issue 520: Delete annotations button not working
  • Started working on issues regarding links not doing anything for annotation texts, still need to create a github issue for this
Next steps:
  • Complete current issue and continue on fixing rails 3 bugs
  • Start planning on term project for Markus
Road blocks:
  • None

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