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Punchlines – 7 october 2011

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Here are the punchlines of our group (students from Centrale Nantes), working on the test framework of Markus.


Status :

Add corrections in the Specifications according to M.Magnin and B.Vialle comments
Add use cases in the Specifications (schema and details of the scopes) with Claire

Next Step :

Finalize the specifications
Sum up and complete the framework state of the art  (in order to post in on the blog and do a report of what was done)


Status :

first version of the specifications completed
work on use cases (diagrams and textual descriptions) for the second version of the specifications finished.

Next Step :

Complete the second version of the specifications
Finalize and summarize the state of art (what works and what has to be implemeted), writing off a report and publishing it on the blog
After the establishment of the state of art, the aim is that each of us will focus on the code of a particular directory or file.


Status :

Try to dig and explore inside the existing code in Ruby.
I’ve followed the tutorial on Ruby indicated on the the wiki.

Next Step :

Understanding better what the concrete objectives in the Markus Project.

Roadblocks :

The current functionalities in the Markus Project are still vague in my mind.


Status :

Looking for what is working in the existing test framework.

Next Step :

My Markus installation is not working properly, cause I’ve some errors that don’t exist in the demo version.

Roadblocks :

Find what is wrong, repair it and look at the existing test framework, to have a precise state of what is already working and what is missing.


Status :

Working on the test’s state of the art with Guillaume.
Trying to figure out why Markus stopped working on my computer.

Next Step :

Understand how the test are working in Markus.
Try some tests and see where are the limits of Markus.

Roadblocks :

It seems Svn is not working anymore on my computer. : “no such file to load — svn/repos”


Status :

Trying to solve Database-system installation problems
Working on defining the specifications

Next Step :

Work and try Markus to understand the state of arts.
Define roles and specify files to work on.

Roadblocks :

Even the re-installation of Ubuntu didn’t solve my “E: Unable to locate package mysql” error.

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October 7th, 2011 at 10:57 am

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  1. Keep in mind that on current master saving and editing test framework properties does not work. This is due to the switch to Rails 3 and changed routes. I suggest to work on a bug fix for this first, before you look any more into this. It will give you a bit of practice with Rails and understanding Rails and MarkUs. Hit the mailing list if you run into problems 🙂


    7 Oct 11 at 5:59 pm

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