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MarkUs UCOSP Fall 2011 – Status Week 1

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Luke Kysow


  • Created github account and pulled MarkUs
  • Installed all necessary gems

Next Steps

  • Actually run the thing!

Road Blocks

  • None

Razvan Vlaicu


  • Trying to get development environment working on a Mac
Next steps:
  • Get issues of my setup resolved.
  • I am having some issues running the rake commands

Erik Traikov

  • Trying to get dev environment working on ubuntu
Next Steps:
  • Get issues resolved
  • Having trouble with the bundle installer
Alex Krassikov

  • MarkUs is not yet set up. Just got Ruby on Rails set up.
  • Reading about Ruby on Rails from a textbook I have.
Next Steps
  • Get MarkUs set up on my machine
  • Late admission.
Severin Gehwolf

  • In process of getting a “lab” setup for MarkUs performance analysis.
Next Steps:
  • Determine which resources to use and actually install MarkUs and profilers
  • Blog about planned approach for performance analysis in order to get early feedback
  • Getting access/Organizing lab machines

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September 13th, 2011 at 9:59 pm

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