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IRC Meeting Notes – September 11, 2009

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IRC Meeting Notes

Transcribed by Mike Conley (m_conley)

  • Greeting, General Talk about IRC Meeting Structure
    • Should have agenda.  Karen will post the agenda on the blog next week.
    • Someone should take notes (today it’s Mike – next week it’ll be Tara)
    • Someone should collect status-report “punchlines” each week, and write up a blog post about it, so that people can give them a quick read before the meeting.  Format should be:

      Status: a few lines saying what you did
      Next Steps: What you plan to work on during the next week.  If unsure, say so.
      Roadblocks: What are the things that are getting in the way or making it difficult to complete your current task?

      Mike will collect punchlines next week.  Please send him your punchline on Thursday afternoon. Tara will do it the week after.

      We’ll just give punchlines in IRC today.

  • Status reports
    • Farah
    • At this point, Karen asks for everyone installing the development environment to take notes on the process, and that she would very much like to see everyone updating the how-to pages (or creating new ones) on the wiki for getting started on all these different OS’s.
    • Fernando:
      • has installed MarkUs
      • has been using it for a few days, still learning Rails basics
      • using Gentoo Linux
      • next step is to finish some Rails tutorials, and get familiar with the MarkUs code
      • also noted that uploading TA’s with CVS doesn’t work
      • Using Gentoo Linux
    • Gabriel:
      • has looked at the demo, and some screencasts
      • still needs to set up development environment
      • will start it up next week, get familiar with the code
      • still learning ruby, rails, etc
      • using Ubuntu
    • Severin:
      • ReviewBoard is completely functional (was a sending e-mail problem)
      • Will create a sample review-request for people to play with whilst/after our meeting
      • Development environment is up and running (ready to dive right in)
      • Have had a look at the tickets (added one comment to the “features” blog page)
      • It might be useful if we could annotate pdfs with MarkUs (there are Use Cases for courses such as CSC236)
      • generates test-coverage on a daily basis, now (no need for somebody creating them manually)
      • Using Linux
    • Karen, Mike and Severin direct everybody to
    • Karen suggests that a sandbox be created in the repo to check in bits of code before it goes into the main trunk – says she’ll talk more about this later
    • Mike:
      • Development environment is ready to go
      • Just been doing support, helping everybody get set up
      • using Ubuntu
    • Melanie:
      • after some difficulty, has installed MarkUs successfully on Windows
      • has played with the MarkUs demo
      • is planning on reading up on Ruby on Rails
      • will go through the documents on the Dr.Project page
      • Karen would like Melanie to write up what actually worked for her installation process, and to add it as a wiki page on Dr. Project.
    • Simon:
      • development environment is up and running
      • is reading a Rails book he got from a friend
      • is unfamiliar with MarkUs, but plans to look at screencasts and play with demo
      • is using Mac OSX
    • Tara:
      • bought a copy of a Rails book
      • read the intro, working on the ruby section to better understand the language
      • goal is to finish the ruby section and the 2nd chapter of the book, and start working on getting development environment set up on Monday
      • using Windows
      • seen the screencasts, and played with demo
      • already has an Apache/MySQL stack set up on her machine
  • Next Steps
    • At this point, Mike Gunderloy suggests bookmarking for reference.
    • Mike says that he’ll be doing code reviews, and wants everybody to use ReviewBoard
    • Severin will write up ReviewBoard instructions, and put them on the blog
    • Karen wants everyone to have the MarkUs development environment installed by the next meeting
    • Those who already have MarkUs installed should talk to Mike about being assigned small tickets to start getting hands into code
    • Karen wants Simon, Gabriel and Melanie to look at the unit tests, see how they work, and see what we have in place.
    • Karen wants to arrange a time with Adam Goucher where they can all talk a little more about overall term goals.
    • Ainsley Lawson has had to drop out of the project
    • Meetings will now be held on Fridays at 12PM
    • Mike Gunderloy, Blake Winton, Adam Goucher, and Andrew Louis are introduced

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September 11th, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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