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Punchlines for March 31

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Misa Sakamoto

  • Got userdoc started, up on review board
  • Contacted Vivien about getting screenshots from her end
Next steps:
  • Finish userdoc and put up on wiki
  • Post summary/link on blog to the userdoc on wiki
  • Had some trouble with wiki git/review board, but no biggie

Karel Kahula

  • Created plan and description of current work on issue 8 as Karen requested.
Next Steps
  • Continue more work on deleting assignments function.
  • A mountain of other school work.

Yansong Zang

  • Have stopped working on MarkUs due to my other courses

Next Step:

  • Will come back and finish my jobs left after finals


  • None

Ibrahim Ishahin

  • Working on tests for drag and drop annotation categories
  • Need to maintain order for csv uploads

Next Steps:

  • Waiting on review for issue 80 (drag and drop annotation categories)
  • Waiting on review for issue 91 (drag and drop grade entry items)


  • None

Danesh Dadachanji

  • Refactored marking state error message to be shown/hidden inside views rather than in the controller.
  • Implemented automatic change of marking state, it changes back to “Partial” if “Complete” is selected when a mark is nil.
  • Implemented respond_to in the API’s show method. It sends back a response depending on the user – JSON/XML/TXT.

Next Steps

  • API functional tests – lots of them!
  • Figuring out how to let the user choose the type of respone they want – it requires messing around with the HTTP header.


  • None – the last week is assignment free 😀
Oloruntobi Ogunbiyi

  • Have been working on REMOTE_USER authentication for role switching, and testing

Next Steps:

  • Finishing testing and adding REMOTE_USER authentication to role switching


  • A lot of assignments

Bertan Guven


  • Working on the download of the YAML file format

Next Steps

  • Need to figure out a lib or a built-in functionality that has the capability of converting database rows into yml file format if there is any.

Road Blocks

  • None

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