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March 24, 2011 IRC Meeting Minutes

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General Announcements

  • Unfortunately, MarkUs not accepted as a GSoC project. But there is always next summer!
  • Karen would request for next week to have students make a detailed plan for the final steps of their projects for the remainder of the term. When do you plan to finish? What is the current status and what else do you plan to do?


  • Remark request feature is complete, waiting for ship-it.
  • Having trouble with load:results command.
  • Questions about where to put user docs. Instructed to put it on the Markus wiki with a summary on the blog which points to the wiki.


  • Made the new TaStat model and a bunch of new methods.
  • Waiting for comments on recent rewview request.
  • Having problem with creating groupings for students.
  • Working on creating comprehensive tests for his feature.


  • Was very busy with school up until recently.
  • Almost finished with drag and drop for annotation categories.
  • Needs to test his feature to see if CSV uploads are in correct order.
  • Expects to have a review up today.


  • Worked on UI and designing logic for deleting assignments.
  • Cleared out some questions on implementation of UI and the feature itself.
  • Instructed to document work done in order to best manage having others take over when the term ends.


  • Busy with school and didn’t have a chance to work on the project much this week.


  • Finished working on UI and made changes according to code review.
  • Waiting for final approval of Markus Dev for Role Switching task.
  • Requests assistance with testing for Role Switching feature.

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