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Minutes for IRC Meeting held on 17th March, 2011

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Good News!

  • We managed to get the GSoC mentoring org application in.
  • Ishahin

  • waiting for a review on the drag and drop grade entry items
  • working on drag and dropping annotation categories
  • Tobi

  • have implemented role switching already
  • have been reading up on rails sessions
  • And trying to find out the safest strategy
  • Misa

  • will push the branch to git for review
  • will put together some documentation and a screencast for the remark request
  • Yansong

  • have problem with displaying the graph and inserte sample data into the database to test the code
  • have posted the review request
  • Danesh

  • have picked up his older issue
  • trying to figure out how to swap the state back to partial but still display the error message
  • getting an understanding of the render function
  • Bertan

  • had a meeting with Evan
  • went over the code and ran into a problem when tried to upload the YML file
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    March 22nd, 2011 at 2:53 pm

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    1. I apologize for the late post 🙁
      Sorry to all…


      22 Mar 11 at 2:54 pm

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