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Week 8 : Markus Plagiarism and Markus Research

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Markus Plagiarism

Benjamin Thorent

  • Status
    • Worked on the interface (configuration form)
    • Ruby tutorials for interface
  • Roadblock
    • Hard to understand/see some links between files
    • Lack of time this week
  • Next steps
    • Work on the database to finish the form
    • Work on results display
    • Work on Ruby scripts

Shion Kashimura

  • Done
    • Work on Ruby scripts
  • Road blocks
    • Many files to see to understand the global functioning
  • ToDo
    • Final report
    • Finish scripts

Markus Research

Anthony Le Jallé & Michael Lumbroso

  • Status
    • We found a way to have math support in annotation, it allows math to be
      specified in TeX, LaTeX, or MathML notation. It uses the MathJax library
    • The solution seems to be fully cross-browser.
  • Roadblocks
    • Identify every file where annotation is displayed and include the MathJax
  • Next steps
    • Writing user documention about how to write math equations in annotat

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March 19th, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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  1. Neat stuff! I’m looking forward to a review introducing Mathjax. I’m pretty sure this feature together with improved PDF annotations (i.e. shape annotations) this will make some MarkUs users really happy 🙂


    19 Mar 11 at 5:12 pm

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