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Week 7 : Markus Plagiarism and Markus Research

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Markus Plagiarism

Benjamin Thorent

  • Status
    • Report on CPD
    • Managed to make Ant work with Plaggie
  • Roadblocks
    • Ant difficult to handle
  • Next steps
    • Work on the MarkUs Interface
    • Work on the Plaggie output

Shion Kashimura

  • Status
    • Last version of specification book
    • Ruby tutorials
    • Began to work on the Ruby script
  • Roadblocks
    • Sometimes hard to understand how Ruby scripts, Ant, and Plaggie can be
  • Next steps
    • Work on the MarkUs Interface
    • Work on Ruby scripts

Markus Research

Anthony Le Jallé & Michael Lumbroso

  • Status
    • Scope statement finished (not fully completed but we know where we are
    • Start to implement ideas for MathML support.
  • Roadblocks
    • MathML is not fully cross-browser.
    • Michael had no internet connexion last week.
  • Next steps
    • Choose the better solution for MathML and implement it.
    • Start to modify Markus to fit Markus Research.

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