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Punchlines for February 17th, 2011

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Danesh Dadachanji


  • Have not made any progress in the last week because of road blocks.
  • Will catch up for missed time during reading week as I have lots of free time

Next Steps

  • To catch up on the lost week during reading week do what I was meant to do last week.
  • Finish off issue 6 by adding the suggestions made on review board


  • Many, many assignments due this week and job interviews

Bertan Guven


  • Couldnt get anything done this week due to assignments. Therefore will work on the same stuff I said I was going to work on last week. Last weeks tasks were containing the following points:
  • Figuring out how code works with Rubrics and CSV
  • Will get a feel of YML by writing a standalone ruby program

Karel Kahula

  • Still working on mark decay feature.
  • Fixed that pesky CRLF nonsense in my repo.
Next Steps:
  • Getting this feature in order and ready for review.
  • Working with Ibrahim on the Test Infastructure.
  • Having some trouble tracking down a bug in my feature.

Oloruntobi Ogunbiyi


  • Submitted a pull request for the fix for issue 169


  • Understanding the workings of the code to integrate role switching
  • Problems with git
  • Home work for other courses

Next Steps

  • Integrating role switching

Misa Sakamoto


  • making changes according to review board
  • 4 hours debugging mystery bug… it’s fixed but it’s still a mystery
  • other debugging – all tests pass other than those that have to do with the nil date on Assignment remark due dates

Next steps:

  • discuss with Vivien about the nil date on Assignment remark due dates
  • more test debugging (the ones that have to do with nil dates)
  • merge with Vivien if there is time

Road Blocks:

  • mystery bugs suck

Ibrahim Shahin

  • Finished writing tests
Next Steps
  • Drag and drop for grade entry items
  • Put up another review
  • Test Infrastructure with Karel


  • Exams 🙁

Yansong Zang


  • Post a blog about the Dashboard Dada task plan
  • Post a blog about the Bluff Graph showing each TA’s grade distribution
  • Try to understand the part of our code which is related to the database

Next Step:

  • Make our dashboard show the TA’s grade distribution graph.


  • midterms are coming

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