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Dashborad Data — Plan

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This term I (Yansong) will improve the dashboard feature. Currently, the Bluff Graph on Dashboard can only show the whole grade distribution of an assignment but we also want to see each TA’s distribution. Also the table on the right of the graph only shows some basic information of the assignment and simply lists all the TAs’ names who mark this assignment, but we want to show some detail information about the assignment and each TA.

It seems there will be several missions to to. Basically, this blog lists what I think so far should be added to our dashboard in order of priority.

* Show each TA’s grade distribution vs. the whole distribution in the graph.
* Show each TA’s marking progress in terms of “total # of submissions/# of completed” in the table.
* Show each TA’s average mark in the table.
* Show both the total and average number of annotations given by each TA.
* Show more statistical information about an assignment and each TA such as MIN-MAX marks, Standard Deviation and Median

So above are all my ideas so far any other comments or suggestions? 🙂

Written by Yansong

February 13th, 2011 at 4:58 pm

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