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Meeting Minutes for February 10, 2011

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Major topics:

  • Discussed and reviewed the major projects the team members were working on
  • Some people are still finishing off their bug fixes
  • There will be a meeting in reading week on the 24th of Feb
  • Research in Action day on April 8th in Toronto, there will be MarkUs and UCOSP booths
  • France is making excellent progress!


  • Created a proposal for some dashboard elements.
  • There will be a blog post by the end of the week brainstorming his ideas


  • Coming along fine, finishing off some code reviews for his bug
  • Currently trying to understand the drag ad drop features


  • Close to fully implementing her feature
  • Working on merging her code with Vivien’s


  • His birthday!
  • Encountered some major issues with line endings, however it has been resolved
  • Has resolved the DB issue for which Severin posted a review


  • Has written his logic for his implementation
  • Will write a blog post for others to review and discuss it


  • Figuring out how code works with Rubrics and CSV
  • Will get a feel of YML by writing a standalone ruby program


  • Had the same issue as Tobi, it has also been resolved
  • Finishing off the code review before moving on to the next issue

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