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Week 2: Markus Plagiarism and Markus Reasearch

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Week 2 of the projects !

Markus Plagiarism

Benjamin Thorent

  • Done:
    • State of art about source code plagiarism detection tools, Comparison and selection of the most promising tool : Plaggie (conclusions of the study formalized in a document that will be published later)
    • Beginning research about text plagiarism detection tools
    • Firsts tests on tools discovered
    • First tutorials on Ruby on Rails
  • Issues
    • No real plagiarism examples for tests
    • Hard to see how to integrate some tools in MarkUs (lack of knowledge about the whole project)
  • ToDo
    • Finish research on text plagiarism detection tools
    • Create tests projects (with all the typical ways to cheat discovered through our previous researches and Guillaume Moreau’s advises)
    • try to select two tools
    • Go deeper in the understanding of MarkUs organization to see exactly how to integrate our tools in MarkUs (new code in ruby [translated from our sources] or integrate existing code [in Java for instance])
    • Keep learning about the Ruby Language with tutorials

Shion Kashimura

  • Done:
    • beginning of functional specifications
    • continued installations
    • translation of what has been written until now into English Issues: takes time to write in English
  • Issues
    • little installations issues
  • ToDo
    • finish research about plagiarism detection tools
    • create test projects
    • learn more about MarkUs and Ruby

Markus Research

Anthony Le Jallé

  • Status
    • Read tutorials about Ruby-On-Rails !
    • Started the definition of scope statement
    • Getting hands on markus (annotation rocks!)
  • Next steps
    • Continue getting hands on Markus
    • Finishing our scope statement
  • Roadblocks
    • Bug on the submission page

Michael Lumbroso

  • Status
    • Finished tutorials on Ruby
    • Taking hands on MarkUs annotation system.
  • Next steps
    • Continue learning about Ruby-On-Rails
    • Finishing our scope statement
  • Roadblocks
    • Bug on the submission page

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